Rape jokes, racism and domestic abuse boasts revealed in Met Police WhatsApps, IOPC finds

A police watchdog has uncovered evidence of vile bullying, misogyny, discrimination and sexual harassment within the ranks of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

“Disgusting and shameful” texts between Met Police officers joking about raping women, killing black children and domestic violence boasts have been revealed in a shock report.

Messages exchanged on WhatsApp between serving officers include telling a female colleague “I would happily rape you” and “I would happily chloroform you”.

Officers joked about paedophilia - including dressing up as known sex offenders - and made derogatory comments about Muslims, Auschwitz and used slurs against disabled people.

The report stated: “We found numerous messages about domestic violence, plus sexually explicit, misogynistic and demeaning conversations.”

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. Picture: Victoria Jones - Pool/Getty Images

The list of sexist, racist and discriminatory messages included:

  • Dressing as “known sex offenders and a molested child” and messages about rape;
  • Homophobic slurs such as “gayyyyyy”, “you fucking gay!” and “fuck you bender…”;
  • One officer messaged a female colleague “I would happily rape you”; “if I was single I would actually hate fuck you” and “if I was single I would happily chloroform you”;
  • “The big mosque all the fanatics turn up at to radicalise the young muslims....”
  • “My dad kidnapped some African children and used them to make dog food.”
  • “PWPEHCLM - People with pre-existing heart conditions lives matter. Should of offered him a kit kat and a nice lie down. Murdering cunts.”
  • “Bring all the lefties I say, we can sing ““cum by ya” and embrace our multi gender/ethnic and sexual backgrounds whilst denouncing all the fascists in the MET...yay for Xmas partied [sic]...except of course that’s a Christian celebration and I believe in ALL religions so it’s not on!! Stick to our own...”
  • “Some uniform or plain clothes work on Somalian rats… I battered one the other day…weighed less than [police officer’s name].”
  • “Opened my balcony door and loads of flies flew into the front room. So I got the fly spray and turned my gaff into Auschwitz.”
  • A police officer sent an image of a Black man wearing a white shirt, and was asked, “What’s good about it I don’t get it lol.” He replied, “Ignore the robber…I like the shirt.”
  • Derogatory terms about people with disabilities, including “spastics” and “retard”.
  • One police officer was referred to as “mcrapey raperson” in a WhatsApp exchange.

Regulator the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) made 15 recommendations after an investigation into cops at Charing Cross police station, known as Operation Hatton.

Nine linked investigations took place into a series of allegations including bullying and sexual harrassment; failure to report or challenge harrassment; assaulting a partner; drug and steroid use; misogynist behaviour and discriminatory actions and behaviour.

Officers were also accused of sleeping and engaging in sexual activity while on duty and deliberately deleting material relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Charing Cross police station, where the disgraced officers were based. Credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images

The inquiries began after a claim a police officer had sex with a drunk person in a police station emerged but this was not proven.

But the IOPC, which said two officers were dismissed, while several others resigned or faced disciplinary action, chose to release the string of foul texts to “provide context”.

And the watchdog has warned that horrific attitudes on display are “not isolated” incidents.

One WhatsApp conversation between two officers read

  • Officer 1: “My bird won’t stop taking the piss. Swear to god, I’m going to smack her”
  • Officer 2: “Slap her one…say you didn’t”
  • Officer 1: “I’ll fucking do it. She’s fucked off home.”

And a separate WhatsApp conversation between two police officers read

  • Officer 1: “I fucking need to take my bird out, won’t see her until next Saturday. Then I have to work. Promised to take her out the Friday after. Making it up to her from when I backhanded her”
  • Officer 2: “Grab her by the pussy”
  • Officer 1: “You ever slapped your missus?”
  • Officer 1: “It makes them love you more. Seriously since I did that she won’t leave me alone. Now I know why these daft cunts are getting murdered by their spastic boyfriends. Knock a bird about and she will love you. Human nature. They are biologically programmed to like that shit.”
  • Officer 2: “Lmao”
  • Officer 1: “I’m right though.”
Home Secretary, Priti Patel has published the terms of reference for the first phase of the Angiolini Inquiry (image: Matt Dunham - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

While a further conversation between two officers read

  • Officer 1: “I had that massive fight with my bird because she found out I’d been out on the piss with this girl who’s a high class hooker a couple of weeks ago Hahahah”
  • Officer 1: “Make friends with high class hookers”
  • Officer 2: “I had one in Watford from adult work. Used to fuck her all the time” 
  • Officer 1: “Yes! Hahaha”
  • Officer 2: “used just hang out and blast her on the sly”
  • Officer 2: “when I was on roids and needed it every hour.” 

And further messages sent about women include:

  • “Getting a woman in to bed is like spreading butter. It can be done with a bit of effort using a credit card, but it’s quicker and easier just to use a knife.”
  • “Fuck knows what she’s on about I just wanna spuff on her” (sent by an officer in reference to another police officer’s girlfriend).
  • “Mate my Mrs is driving me mad - come and shag a baby into her it might shut her up bro.” 

Sal Naseem, from the IOPC, said: “The behaviour we uncovered was disgraceful and fell well below the standards expected of the officers involved.

“We know from other recent cases that these issues are not isolated or historic.”

The document, published by the IOPC today (Tuesday, February 1), was even slapped with an advisory label, stating: “Warning. This report contains offensive language.”

Home secretary Priti Patel said: “Being a police officer is a privilege which has been abused by these sickening officers.

“It has been clear for some time that there are problems with the culture of the Metropolitan Police, which is why last year I tasked the Angiolini Inquiry and the police inspectorate with investigating these deeply concerning issues."

The inquiry was set up in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard, who was abducted, raped and brutally killed by serving Met cop Wayne Couzens, known as ‘the rapist’.

Ms Patel said she expected recommendations to be implemented as soon as possible.

Deputy assistant commissioner Bas Javid said: "I am angry and disappointed to see officers involved in sharing sexist, racist and discriminatory messages. It’s clear we have a lot of work to do to ensure bullying and discrimination does not exist in any part of the Met.

“The actions of these officers between 2016 and 2018 were unacceptable, unprofessional, disrespectful and deeply offensive.

“I read their messages with increasing disgust and shame.”

The IOPC recommended the force address bullying and harassment; social media training; ethical standards and guidance around “banter”; professional standards of behaviour; racism, sexism and misogyny, sexual harassment and “toxic masculinity” within the police, as well as whistleblowing policies, wellbeing and ‘acting up’ or informal promotions.

A Met spokesperson said: “The conduct of a team of officers at Charing Cross Police Station in central London does not represent the values of the Metropolitan Police Service.

“We are deeply sorry to Londoners and everyone they have failed with their appalling conduct and acknowledge how this will damage the trust and confidence of many in the Met.

“Since this reprehensible behaviour was uncovered in 2017 we have taken a series of measures to hold those responsible to account and stamp out unacceptable behaviour.”