Sarah Everard killing: five police officers facing disciplinaries over social media posts about Wayne Couzens

Five police officers from four different forces are facing disciplinary action.

Five police officers from four different forces are facing disciplinary action over messages shared on social media about Sarah Everard’s killer.

At a glance: 5 key point

  • A Met Police constable on probation, who went on to staff a cordon as part of the search for Ms Everard, was investigated over allegations they used WhatsApp “to share with colleagues an inappropriate graphic, depicting violence against women” while off-duty.
  • Another Pc still on probation had a case to answer for “allegedly sharing the graphic and failing to challenge it” and will also be subject to a misconduct meeting.
  • An officer from Dorset Police, who was on secondment from the force, will face a gross misconduct hearing after being accused of posting details of the interview Couzens gave under caution – several months before the killer admitted to her murder and before the information could be made public.
  • The investigation indicated officers from other forces had “joined in the conversation, endorsing comments made by others and making unprofessional remarks about Couzens”, the watchdog added. As a result, an officer from Avon and Somerset Constabulary will face a misconduct meeting.
  • Another officer, who was on secondment from the Sussex force, will also “undergo the reflective practice review process in respect of one of the messages that had been sent and the tone of conversation” after it was found misconduct was “not proven” at a meeting.


Inquiries have been ordered into Wayne Couzens' conduct as a police officer prior to Sarah Everard's murder and how he was allowed to continue in post.