Publisher Guidelines

This newspaper is built on a tradition of accuracy and fairness, giving you the information you need to understand our world, holding power to account and exposing injustice.

Our trusted brand means we are the only place where you can can read and participate in honest debates. We are committed to giving a voice to those who struggle to be heard as well as those whose profession is crafting an argument. We will engage with you, ask your opinions and give you the platforms on which your views can be expressed.

We are committed to reporting, informing, debating, entertaining and reflecting the values of our communities.

Our Promise

  1. To report accurately and fairly stories in the public interest
  2. To treat our readers with respect and to report news they can trust
  3. To campaign on behalf of the communities we serve and be their voice
  4. To hold decision-makers to account
  5. To listen to our readers and answer their queries and complaints within a clearly published timeframe
  6. To offer investigative and opinion-rich local journalism, contributing to the quality of debate in our communities
  7. To support no political party but to encourage all those who seek the best for our community
  8. To accept that sometimes we make genuine mistakes and to seek to correct them at the first opportunity
  9. To be the eyes and ears of readers by covering the activities of public bodies
  10. To ensure our coverage does not discriminate against anyone especially on grounds of religious belief, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  11. To present content in a manner that is suitable for entire families
  12. To uphold the Editors’ Code of Practice