Met Police report: Sadiq Khan claims denial led to inaction over misconduct allegations

“It can’t be right that cases take so long when there are allegations of misconduct,” said Sadiq Khan

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan says that there was “denial” in the past to take action over police misconduct allegations.

This comes as an independent review found that hundreds of Met Police officers and staff have been found guilty of crimes and unethical conduct.

Report author Baroness Louise Casey found that misconduct cases in the force are taking too long to resolve, allegations are more likely to be dismissed than acted upon and there is racial disparity across the system.

One serving officer had 11 misconduct notices for allegations involving assault, sexual harassment and fraud.

Baroness Casey was commissioned to complete the report following the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard by serving Met PC Wayne Cousins.

Speaking at City Hall, mayor Khan said there is now an “acceptance” that there are systemic and cultural issues that need to be addressed in the Met Police.

“It can’t be right that cases take so long when there are allegations of misconduct,” he told LondonWorld.

“It can’t be right that even though there are many allegations made against the same officer they are not treated in a cumulative way.

“Dame Louise Casey has shone a spotlight on this, Sir Mark Rowley as the commissioner gets it.

“We now have a commissioner who is determined to take action unlike in the past where there has been denial, there has been this sort of arrogance, that the police are fine, there are just a few rotten apples.”

The Met is investigating more than 600 domestic and sexual abuse allegations against its officers.

Baroness Casey’s report revealed that the Met’s misconduct system was too slow, with cases taking an average 400 days to resolve.

It also found misogyny and racial disparity across the force’s internal disciplinary system.

"The evidence around racial disparity in the Metropolitan Police’s misconduct system is so great, and so shocking, that even in 2021 81% of black staff and officers are more likely to be in the misconduct system than their white counterparts is truly awful," she said.

"What I’m saying is the internal misconduct system is an example of what I would call institutional racism."

Sir Mark Rowley, Met Police commissioner. Photo: City Hall/London Assembly

Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley, who started his new role last month, said he will urgently confront the culture, systems and leadership that have let down the public and officers and staff alike.

Sir Mark said: "Integrity is the foundation of policing. People rightly expect us to uphold the highest standards.

“Yet our organisation is being undermined by corrupting behaviours that have gone unchallenged and have been allowed to multiply.

"While the focus of this report is on misconduct, it tells a serious story about our culture.

“We need to radically overhaul how our organisation is set up, and instil our values in everything we do.”

The final report by Baroness Casey and her team is expected to be published in the Spring.