The top 10 most popular dishes on Deliveroo in London - from Five Guys cheeseburgers to homemade jerk chicken

Data obtained by LondonWorld has revealed which dishes consumers order most frequently on Deliveroo - with some surprises in store.

From burritos to fried chicken, pizza to roast dinners, there is no shortage of takeaway food options out there to satisfy our cravings.

Despite being a relative newcomer to British shores, American burger joint Five Guys comes out on top.

Its humble cheeseburger was London’s most popular dish, piping the independent Holland Park restaurant the Poke Shack into second place.

Five Guys.
Five Guys.
Five Guys.

In third place, was a burrito from Mexican chain Chipotle, while the fourth most popular order was a chicken katsu curry from Wagamama.

Trendy Indian joint Dishoom’s chicken Ruby was the sixth most popular deliver for Londoners.

And it wasn’t just mains that people were ordering, as frozen yoghurt from Snog was listed at number six.

Burritos have been very popular, with wraps from Chilango and Tortilla listed at number seven and 10 respectively.

Another poke joint, Honi Poke, was the eighth most ordered, while jerk chicken and chips from iconic south London chicken joint White Men Can’t Jerk, at the Prince of Peckham pub, was listed at number nine.

Deliveroo could not reveal the number of times each meal or menu item was ordered.

Across the whole of England, the Five Guys cheeseburger was the most popular order.

And the national data shows it’s not just our Friday night takeaways that we turn to Deliveroo for.

A latte from Costa Coffee was the 12th most ordered item across the country, and in 17th place was a five pack of bananas from Alidi.

Waitrose’s ‘perfectly ripe avocados’ came in 18th.


Deliveroo, as with other food delivery apps, is not available everywhere in the country. Some popular brands, including McDonalds, are also not available on the platform.

You can explore the top 20 items across the UK in the table above.

And dining preferences differed over 15 major towns and cities across England.

In Sunderland, a Toby Carvery was the most popular takeaway order.

Some familiar names appear again and again. Five Guys was in the top 10 in nine of the cities, while KFC and Burger King appeared seven times each and Tortilla six times.

Five Guys came out on top with its cheeseburger - but how do tastes differ across the country?
Five Guys came out on top with its cheeseburger - but how do tastes differ across the country?
Five Guys came out on top with its cheeseburger - but how do tastes differ across the country?

But there were also more local brands such as London’s Poke Shack and Newcastle’s Acropolis Greek Street Food.

Explore the top dish in each place in our map, or view the top 10 dishes in the interactive visualisation below.