Peaky Blinders The Rise: Theatre show based on Cillian Murphy BBC series comes to London - how to get tickets

If you’ve been missing the Shelby family after the end of Peaky Blinders, a new immersive show based around the BBC series is coming to London.

The BBC series of Peaky Blinders may have come to an end but London fans can look forward to seeing the Shelbys visit the capital with a special immersive theatre show.

The stage performance is called The Rise, and will be opening at the Camden Garrison in June, which shares the name with the gang’s pub in Birmingham.

It pledges to put the audience at the heart of one of the world’s most popular TV series and it’s presented in collaboration with creator Steven Knight.

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    So if you’ve been missing Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, and the family, read on to find out everything about the new production.

    The Peaky Blinders season 6 finale will be 81 minutes long

    What’s the show about?

    You wouldn’t necessarily expect to see the hard men of Birmingham converted into theatre, but the gangsters’ story is now being brought to life on the stage.

    Peaky Blinders: The Rise, is the first official fully immersive 360-degree theatre show set in the world of the Birmingham gangsters.

    360 theatre is created with a camera system that simultaneously records all the scenes in 360 degree.

    The show will follow the rise in fortune of Tommy Shelby and his family as the unfolding narrative and live actors place the audience right at the heart of the Shelby Company, featuring iconic locations, from the betting shop in Small Heath and The Garrison through to the bakery on the banks of Regent’s Canal.

    Tommy personally invites you to a family meeting at the Shelby’s Camden warehouse, where he has a plan that could prove lucrative for everyone.

    The show is a collaboration with Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight and Caryn Mandabach Productions.

    As the story unfolds you will experience live sets, unmissable character interactions, and even competitive game.

    Michael Gray met his end at Tommy’s hand in the season finale

    Who has written the play and who’s in it?

    The creative director and director of the theatre show is Tom Maller, who has worked on Doctor Who: Time Fracture and Arcane, Casino Royale, Romeo + Juliet and Blade Runner: Final Cut with Secret Cinema.

    The production designer is Rebecca Brower (Doctor Who: Time Fracture, Secret Cinema Presents Arcane, Bat Out Of Hell).

    The show will star:

    Phil Aizlewood (Speaking in Tongues, One Nine Two Seven, How To Solve A Problem Like Murder) as Walter McDonald

    Roxana Bartle (The Hound of the Baskervilles, Sophia)as Grace Burgess/Zilpha Lee

    Isaac Beechey (The Laramie Project) as John Shelby

    Sam Blythe (Doctor Who: Time Fracture for Immersive Everywhere and Secret Cinema’s Stranger Things, Casino Royale, 28 Days Later and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) as Alfie Solomons

    Angus Brown (Doctor Who: Time Fracture for Immersive Everywhere and Secret Cinema’s Casino Royale) as Charles Sabini

    James Bryant (Doctor Who: Time Fracture and The Wolf of Wall Street for Immersive Everywhere) as an American Businessman

    Craig Hamilton (Doctor Who: Time Fracture and The Great Gatsby for Immersive Everywhere and Secret Cinema’s Casino Royale) as Tommy Shelby

    Peaky Blinders Immersive theatre show The Rise

    Kat Johns-Burke (There May Be A Castle, Sleepover) as Pearl St. Clair

    Daniel Mackenzie-Carter making his professional debut as Michael Gray

    Kieran Mortell (Doctor Who: Time Fracture for Immersive Everywhere, Madagascar! The Musical, The Comedy About A Bank Robbery) as Arthur Shelby

    Reece Richardson (Human, 1984) as Georgie Sewell

    Elliot Rodriguez (Doctor Who: Time Fracture for Immersive Everywhere, The Gruffalo) as Isiah Jesus

    Megan Shandley (Doctor Who: Time Fracture for Immersive Everywhere) as Lizzie Stark

    Emma Stansfield (Coronation Street, The Salisbury Poisonings, Eastenders) as Polly Gray

    Lucinda Turner (The Great Gatsby for Immersive Everywhere, Persuasion and Class Mates) as Ada Thorne

    Hannah Victoria (Princess and the Pea, Madagascar! The Musical) as Maggie Hill

    Daisy Winter-Taylor (Doctor Who: Time Fracture for Immersive Everywhere, Runway) as Phyllis Robbins

    Where will Peaky Blinders The Rise take place and can I get tickets?

    The show will open at The Vanguard Theatre in Camden on June 24.

    You can get tickets on on the Immersive Peaky Blinders website, here.