‘Nothing’ - Dermot Gallagher’s verdict on Tottenham v Newcastle United controversy

Ex-Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has issued his verdict on the controversial moment during Tottenham vs Newcastle United.

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has weighed in on the controversial decision during Tottenham’s defeat to Newcastle. Antonio Conte’s men continued their inconsistent form with a home defeat to in-form Newcastle on Sunday, losing 2-1, but the game was not without its controversy.

Newcastle took the lead through Callum Wilson, who managed to dispossess Huge Lloris outside of the box before chipping it over the top and into the net. Lloris took a heavy touch beyond Wilson, before bumping into the striker and going to ground. Wilson more or less stood his ground, not extending a leg or dipping a shoulder to initiate contact.

After the two players bumped into each other, Wilson turned to retrieve the ball and beat Lloris to it, with the goalkeeper going to ground in hope of winning a free-kick. Referee Jarred Gillett wasn’t convinced it was a foul, and VAR agreed, though it left Tottenham unhappy, albeit they had plenty of time to turn things around.

Former top-flight referee Gallagher also thinks it was the correct decision, telling Sky Sports: “I think it’s a good goal. It will be interesting, we will get the goalkeepers’ union and the forwards’ union, so this could be a split vote, but for me, there is nothing wrong.

“Lloris goes into him, I don’t know where Wilson can go, and for me, it’s good play. It’s a good finish, and I think the referee was right to give the goal. A quick check and VAR concur.

It’s a physical contact game, and I don’t think he has done too much wrong. I look at that, and I don’t think there’s enough evidence for a foul. Once the referee gives that, VAR is not going to get involved. The referee has an on-field tolerance level, and the VAR tolerance level is higher. Once the referee gives the goal, it’s never going to be changed.”