Ex-Prime Minister wife Carrie Johnson joins friends for a Bake Off-style competition at trendy London bar

Carrie Johnson and her friends tested out their skills in a Great British Bake Off-inspired baking competition as she embraces her post-Downing Street life

Carrie Johnson and her friends have been trying their hands at baking by competing in a competition inspired by hit Channel 4 show The Great British Bake Off. The former Prime Minister’s wife teamed up with five of her pals in a tent that closely resembles the iconic baking stage on the show.

Johnson posted on social media saying “We came. We baked. We didn’t win.” followed by the hashtag #soggybottom, a famous quote from the Bake Off. The caption was accompanied with a photo of a cake topped with marshmallows and some less than perfect showmen.

The competition took place at Big Bake in East London, a trendy bar that offers groups a chance to take on a baking competition in a pitched tent with separate baking stations made to resemble the Channel 4 show. With her was Lynn Anderson Clark, the wife of Princess Beatrice’s ex Dave Clark.

Having been away from the post for just over a month, husband and ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinted at making a return to Downing Street following Liz Truss resignation after just six weeks. The former Mayor of London later decided not to stand despite claiming to have enough backers, saying: “This would simply not be the right thing to do as you can’t govern effectively unless you have a united party in parliament”