Watch: Teenager firework fight in residential Hackney street catches Just Eat driver in crossfire

A Hackney resident - who explained that moments later children were walking down the road - said it was “a miracle that no one was injured”.

Shocking video footage shows teenagers shooting fireworks at each other - catching a Just Eat delivery driver in the crossfire.

Multiple teenagers were caught on camera running down a quiet residential street in Hackney, causing trouble.

The Just Eat employee is seen dismounting his bike as a teenager sails past him on a bicycle and shoots a firework that hits the delivery driver, bouncing off his delivery box.

A firework explodes by the delivery driver in a residential street in Hackney. Credit: SWNS


The employee looks understandably startled and can be heard shouting at the teen on a bike who cycles towards him before speeding away down an adjacent street.

As the delivery driver continues to shout, other teenagers can be seen running away down the same street, on Halloween, October 31.

A nearby resident who filmed the shocking incident said: “I could see teenagers - on foot and on bicycles - shooting fireworks at each other in the street.

“If that wasn’t bad enough, a Just Eat takeaway delivery cyclist got caught up in the crossfire and mayhem - he came incredibly close to being struck by one of the exploding fireworks.

“Other fireworks were shooting in front of windows and exploding in gardens of residential properties.

A teen fires a firework right next to the Just Eat driver. Credit: SWNS


“It was reckless, selfish and and incredibly dangerous.

“These young people demonstrated zero concern for their own safety, and complete disregard for the safety of others living or simply travelling along the same street.

“It was a miracle that no one was injured.

“Only moments later, families with children were walking along the same footpaths.

A boy on a bike shoots a firework past the Just Eat driver in Hackney. Credit: SWNS

“There could have been serious injuries from their reckless and dangerous behaviour.”


According to the resident, this was the third year in a row that “frenzied firework battling” had occurred, with each year getting “more intense each time”.

Whilst the filmed incident took place at around 10.45pm on October 31, they claim firework fighting occurred again on November 3, 5, 6 and 7 as well.

They added: “Those participating have now moved from the nearby parks and into the streets, making it now dangerous for themselves and those who live here.”

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