Storm Eunice: Tributes to ‘most special’ woman killed by falling tree in Highgate

Grieving relatives of 37-year-old Juliana Murilo told how her death was a “piece of me ripped apart” after Ms Murilo, from Brazil, who was a trainee teacher and a cleaner, died on Friday.

Devastated relatives have shared the pain of losing “the most special human being” after a woman was killed by a tree falling onto a car in north London during Storm Eunice.

Juliana Murilo was killed by a falling tree. Photo: Facebook

Ms Murilo was in the passenger seat of the silver Honda, driven by her husband, when a tree collapsed onto the vehicle amid forceful winds while Storm Eunice struck London.

The Met Police confirmed a woman in her 30s had died after a tree fell on a car in Haringey.

Officers were called to Muswell Hill Road just after 4pm on February 18.

Police were called to Muswell Hill Road where a woman died earlier on Friday. Photo: Supplied

Ms Murilo was pronounced dead at the scene, while her cab driver husband was taken to hospital with his injuries, which were not life-threatening.

He later told the Standard: “She was a sweet and adorable wife, she was perfect, so friendly, always laughing and making jokes.

“We loved each other so much it was as if we were one.”

Ms Murilo’s sister Miriam Queiroz paid tribute to her on Facebook: “It’s hard to believe, how it hurts. It’s a piece of me that’s been ripped apart, a hole that’s been made in my chest.

“My little sister, my little life, my little cutie that I love so much.”

Relative Solange Murilo also wrote on Facebook: “The tears flow down my face and the nostalgia tightens my heart every time I remember everything we’ve been through together.

“The sadness of seeing you leave and the despair of not being able to protect and avoid your death. Still got so much life ahead of me. So many dreams to come true.”

She added: “It hurts to know that I will no longer be able to see your smile. You welcomed me with open arms, you were the most special person, who passed through our lives.

“Thank you for these 15 years of togetherness. I lost a sister. You were the most special human being I’ve ever met. I love you.”

Mayor of Haringey Adam Jogee, wrote on Twitter: “The saddest of news from Haringey.

“I send my deepest condolences, and those of all our people, to the family and friends of the woman who lost her life in Muswell Hill. May her memory be a blessing. “