Sadiq Khan extends high pollution alert for the capital until Friday

Following the latest forecast Sadiq Khan has issued a new warning for Friday, March 25 as the levels of pollution in London remain high.

Sadiq Khan has issued a further high air pollution alert for the capital on Friday as the city continues to see high levels of toxic air.

The mayor of London warned that the capital is "importing pollution from the continent" alongside a build-up of local emissions.

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Exposure to air pollution in London increases severe Covid symptoms. Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The mayor triggered a ‘high’ air pollution alert on Tuesday until Thursday– the first since August 2020.

Following the latest forecast from Imperial College London Mr Khan has issued a new warning for today as the levels of pollution in London remain high.

Adults and children with lung or heart problems and older people have been advised to avoid exercising outdoors.

Londoners have been advised to walk, cycle, or take public transport and avoid unnecessary car journeys.

Sadiq Khan

“Unfortunately the high levels of air pollution we have been seeing in London are set to continue for another day, and I’m issuing a ‘high’ air pollution alert for Friday,” said Mr Khan.

“Toxic air is extremely dangerous for Londoners and it’s important that we all do what we can in order to reduce the impact this can have on those who are most vulnerable.

“We can look out for each other by walking, cycling, or taking public transport, and avoiding unnecessary car journeys.

“It is important that Londoners stop engine idling and don’t burn wood or garden waste – all of this will contribute to already high levels of pollution.

“By taking these steps we can help protect those who are more vulnerable to high pollution.

“While this alert is in place people with heart and lung problems should avoid physical exertion.”