RHS Chelsea Flower Show winners 2022: who won best show garden, and who are all the medal winners (so far)?

The Chelsea Flower Show is set to be held on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea, London.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is well underway with many attending the event to get a look at the country’s best gardens.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show signals the start of summer with beautiful landscapes decorating the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea, London.

So, who has won medals so far and who won the sought after best show garden award?

Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

Flowers are pictured pictured encapsulated in a block of ice as part of the ‘Plantman’s Ice Garden at the Sanctuary Garden at the 2022 RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London. (Photo: Getty)

When is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show?

The Chelsea Flower Show is set to be held on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea, London.

In 2022, the competition will be hosted from Tuesday 24 May to Saturday 28 May.

The events of the competition will take place from 8am to 8pm from Tuesday to Friday. On the final day of the show (Saturday), the show will run from 8am to 5:30pm.

What awards are handed out at the show?

There are a wide variety of categories available for people to take part in and each one has numerous awards available.

Here are a few of the most popular awards at the show:

  • Best Show Garden Award
  • Best Courtyard Garden Award
  • Best Chic Garden Award
  • Best City Garden AWard
  • RHS Sundries Bowl
  • RHS Junior Display Trophy 
  • RHS Floral Arrangement Trophies
  • RHS Floristry Trophies 
  • Show Certificates of Merit 
  • Certificates for Junior Displays 
  • RHS President’s Award
  • RHS Best Tradstand Award RHS Director General’s AWard for the Best Tradestand

Who won best show garden RHS Chelsea Flower show 2022?

A Rewilding Britain Landscape designed by Lulu Urquhart and Adam Hunt won best show garden at the 2022 RHS Chelsea Flower show.

The garden shows a wild landscape in South West, England.

The garden features a beaver dam, a pool with a lodge behind it, a shabby shed and an abundance of UK native plants.

Urquhart and Hunt, based in Bruton in Somerset stressed the principles of rewilding are not just for the countryside.

The garden was designed for the charity Rewilding Britain and aims to make a statement about the reintroduction of Beavers into parts of the country after they became extinct in the UK 400 years ago.

It aims to show their role as incredible bioengineers within a natural ecosystem, alongside crack willow, hawthorn and alder. As well as this the garden features native grasses that are pruned how they would be in the wild.

James Alexander-Sinclair, of the Royal Horticultural Society chair of judges, said: “it was a hard-fought debate between members of the judging panel to decide which garden to award best in show.”

He added: “in the end, all the judges were captivated by the skill, endeavour and charm of A Rewilding Britain Landscape – every step is exquisite.”

One of the designers of the Garden, Lulu Urquhart, told the Guardian it was “saying give space to nature with this garden”.

The pair went on to tell the Guardian: “Like we’re not necessarily just talking about gardening. Leave some areas.”

“Rewilding Britain is about the marginal areas. This may not be a formal garden, but we are trying to show you what you see out in nature when it’s colonising itself, is a lovely mix of shrubs, trees, grassland, meadows.”

“And that gives rise to mass habitat for birds, fish, amphibians, insects, and that’s what we’re trying to show you in a kind of nano-space.

Who has won best in show so far?

Best Construction 2022 (Show Garden)

Sarah Eberle - MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the future

Best in Show Sanctuary Garden 2022

Kate Gould Gardens - Out of the Shadows

Best Construction (Sanctuary Garden)

Kate Gould Gardens - Out of the Shadow

Best Balcony and Container Garden 2022

Jane Porter Gardens - The Still Garden

Best All About Plants Garden 2022

Charlie Hawkes - The Wilderness Foundation UK Garden

Best Houseplant Studio 2022

Malvern Garden Buildings Ltd - Planet Studio

Best Floral Window 2022

Jane Belcher - Theme I: Pollination

Best Floral Installation 2022

Dmitry Turcan - Theme IV: Tablescape

Chelsea Flower Show: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award

Brighter Blooms display of container grown Zantedeschia

Who has won Gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022?

Show Gardens

  • Urquhart & Hunt Landscape Design - A Rewilding Britain Landscape
  • Crocus - The Mind Garden
  • Ruth Willmott Associates - The Morris & Co. Garden
  • Chris Beardshaw Ltd - The RNLI Garden
  • Sarah Eberle - MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future
  • Jo Perkins Design - The Meta Garden: Growing the Future

Sanctuary Gardens

  • Sarasin and Partners / Jamie Butterworth - The Place2Be Securing Tomorrow Garden
  • Kate Gould Gardens - Out of the Shadows
  • Garden Club London - A Garden Sanctuary by Hamptons
  • Thomas Hoblyn Garden Design Ltd - Boodles Travel Garden

Balcony and Container Gardens

Jane Porter Gardens - The Still Garden

All about Plants Gardens

  • Charlie Hawkes - The Wilderness Foundation UK Garden
  • Smith-Williams Garden Design - The Core Arts Front Garden Revolution

Who has won Silver-gilt medals at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022?

Show Gardens

  • Juliet Sargeant Gardens & Private Landscapes - The New Blue Peter Garden: Discover Soil
  • H. Miller Bros - Alder Hey Urban Foraging Station
  • Grow2Know - Hands Off Mangrove by Grow2Know

Sanctuary Garden

  • Roslings Manor Gardens - Connected, by EXANTE
  • The Body Shop - The Body Shop Garden
  • Kingston Maurward College - The Space Within
  • The PlantMan & Co - The Plantman’s Ice Garden

Balcony & Container Garden

  • It Will Grow - The Potting Balcony Garden sponsored by Viking
  • Cloud Gardener UK - The Cirrus Garden
  • Ann Treneman - Wild Kitchen Garden
  • Beatrice Tann - The Enchanted Rain Garden

All about Plants Garden

  • Lottie Delamain Garden Design - A Textile Garden for Fashion Revolution

Who has won Silver medals at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022?

Show Gardens

  • Paul Harvey-Brookes Associates - Brewin Dolphin Garden
  • Richard Miers Garden Design - The Perennial Garden ‘With Love’
  • Cityscapes - The St Mungo’s Putting Down Roots Garden
  • John Everiss Design - The RAF Benevolent Fund Garden

Sanctuary Garden

  • Catfoot Garden Designs - The SSAFA Garden, sponsored by the CCLA
  • Frederic Whyte Garden Design - The Stitchers’ Garden

Balcony & Container Garden

  • Tom Wilkes-Rios - The Blue Garden
  • Mallorca Garden Design - A Mediterranean Reflection

All about Plants Garden

Pollyanna Wilkinson Garden Design - The Mothers for Mothers Garden

Who has won Bronze medals at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022?

Sanctuary Garden

Switzerland Tourism - A Swiss Sanctuary

Balcony & Container Garden

Alison Malouf - JAY DAY