Queen Elizabeth II statue could have permanent spot in Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth has been a prominent space for contemporary art since 1998.

There are calls for a permanent statue of Queen Elizabeth II to stand on the Fourth Plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square.

The idea has been met with widespread approval by MPs.

Many shouted ‘hear hear’ when Conservative former minister Sir John Hayes brought forward the suggestion in the House of Commons on Thursday.

A statue to Queen Elizabeth II could feature as a permanent part of Trafalgar Square. Photo: Getty

He said: “Since the death of QueenElizabeth II we have witnessed an extraordinary nationwide, indeed kingdom-wide, response – a moving mix of sorrow at our loss and celebration of a life of remarkable service.

“So that that mood is marked forever and remembrance can last for generations to come, a fitting national memorial needs to be established.


“Will the Leader of the House therefore agree with me that a statement be brought to this House on what form that memorial might take?

“For me, a statue on the final plinth on Trafalgar Square would be ideal.”

‘The End’ by Heather Phillipson. Credit: Lynn Rusk

Commons leader Penny Mordaunt said she would raise this with Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan.

“I thank (Sir John) for his suggestion,” she said.

“Clearly these will be matters that will concern many members and will involve other bodies outside of this House, but I shall certainly raise this with the Secretary of State for DCMS (Michelle Donelan) and ensure she properly consults members on their wishes as plans are taken forward.”


Penny Mordaunt arrives at BBC Broadcasting House ahead of her appearance on Sunday Morning on July 17, 2022 in London, England (Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth has been a prominent space for contemporary art since 1998.

The most recent piece to reside there was Heather Phillipson’s sculpture which featured a whirl of whipped cream topped with a cherry, a drone and a fly.

Another memorable work to feature was Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle by artist Yinka Shonibare in 2010.

A sculpture of a preacher who was killed in an anti colonialist uprising in what is now Malawi will be displayed from this month.


It depicts a 1914 photograph of Baptist preacher John Chilembwe and European missionary John Chorley.