Jimi the hero: Friends of man who saved woman in Thames release music on BBC Radio 1Xtra to honour anniversary

Friends have released Jimi the hero’s music to mark the first anniversary of his brave death, trying to save a woman from drowning in the Thames.

Friends of Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole, known as Jimi the hero after he died rescuing a woman from the Thames, have released a tribute song in his honour.

The 20-year-old drowned after selflessly jumping into the River Thames to save a woman who was shouting for help in April 2021.

Jimi and his friends were walking near London Bridge when they heard someone screaming.

He jumped in and managed to save the woman, but got into trouble with the current and tragically drowned.

Photo of Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole shared on GoFundMe to raise money for his family (Credit: GoFundMe)

Now - a year after his brave death - pal Bernard Kosia, who was with on the night he died, has released music which Jimi had been working on.

He told LondonWorld: “It has been my sole purpose from the beginning to bring his music to life as I know that’s what he enjoyed doing the most.

“Just being part of life’s journey with him has grown into the man I was meant to be.

“We hope to build a foundation for him and give hope to the younger generation to push their talent forward.

“We truly believe Jimi [is] the light in making the difference.”

London rappers Pyschs and C4 have collaborated on the track to help ensure Jimi’s voice and music is not forgotten.

Bernard and producer 4orty visited BBC Radio 1xtra on anniversary of Jimi’s death to hear the song played for the first time on national radio.

The duo joined Nadia Jae for the 1xtra Breakfast show and introduced the song to listeners.

A memorial walk has taken place outside Southwark Cathedral following a service to commemorate Jimi’s life.

Friends and family walked from Southwark Cathedral across London Bridge, where the 20-year-old lost his life.

The track, Let You Know by Jstizz 167 featuring Phycs and C4, is now available for people to listen to.

Who was Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole?

Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole, known as Jimi, was 20-years-old when he died on April 24 2021.

Jimi and his friends were walking near London Bridge when they heard a woman shouting for help.

He handed his phone to his friend Bernard, who he instructed to call the police, before making his way down the steps towards the river.

Jimi entered the water with his friend Joaquin Garcia in an attempt to rescue the woman.

The two men were able to save the life of the woman but shortly after entering the water Jimi found himself in trouble.

Bernard told the BBC that he could hear his friend calling his name for help and said: "He was screaming my name, he was screaming my name.

“I couldn’t even see him.

“It was just pitch black, everywhere, and I was trying to see if I could see him."

The coastguard and Met Police’s marine unit arrived shortly after and were able to rescue the woman and Joaquin, but they could not locate Jimi.

Search teams were stood down at 1.20am, an hour after searching began.

Det Ch Supt Oliver Shaw, from City of London Police, said “We continued to search the shore of the river, in person and using our network of CCTV cameras, and, unfortunately, at 05.46 a body was discovered.”

Jimi has been posthumously put forward by the City of London Police for a Royal Humane Society award for his “bravery and selfless actions”.

There has also been an online petition to install a memorial plaque for him in Postman’s Park near St Paul’s Cathedral, to honour his memory.