Insulate Britain: Protesters block Westminster Bridge and Parliament Square

Police are trying to remove the Insulate Britain activists, and have arrested 34 protesters.

Insulate Britain activists have blocked two roads around Parliament Square in Westminster during rush house this morning.

Around 62 protesters glued themselves to the tarmac, from around 9am, preventing MPs from driving into the House of Commons.

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One of the groups blocked traffic between the Houses of Parliament and Parliament Square, while the other to the north of Westminster Bridge.

The Met Police arrived quickly on the scene, removing glue from protesters hands, and have arrested 59 protesters.

Scotland Yard said: “We are continuing to respond to a protest in Parliament Square this morning where a number of activists have sat on the road, blocking traffic.

“Officers are on scene and are working as quickly as possible to get traffic flowing again.

“Around 40 activists have used superglue to stick to the ground, frustrating and delaying our response.

“Specialist teams are on scene and train for this scenario.

Insulate Britain protesters by Parliament. Credit: Harriet Clugston

“They are working to remove any glue and make arrests.

“This process can take time.

“Insulate Britain has the right to assemble and protest, however they do not have the right to cause serious disruption to London and prevent others from going about their business.”

The roads were reopened by 2pm.

He told MPs: "We have got a slight problem.

“Darren Henry is trapped outside because Insulate Britain has blocked the access to the House.

"This is totally unacceptable.

“This is interfering with democracy.

Police prising free the Insulate Britain protesters in Parliament Square. Credit: Harriet Clugston

“This is not what should happen and it is a tragedy that those constituents are not going to be represented by the member for Broxtowe."

Insulate Britain says 161 people have taken part in their campaign, with a total of 770 arrests – meaning the average activist has been arrested nearly five times.

The group are demanding that the government insulate all of Britain’s homes by 2030 to cut carbon emissions.

Andy Trotter, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner at the Metropolitan Police, said it’s a "shocking use of public money that could easily have been used for something better".