More than 50 arrests as Insulate Britain block four London roads

Insulate Britain protesters blocked Bishopsgate, Upper Thames Street, Southwark Bridge and Limehouse Causeway this morning.

More than 50 campaigners have been arrested after Insulate Britain blocked four more roads in London - as part of its ongoing protest.

Members of the group glued themselves to the ground on Bishopsgate and Upper Thames Street, in Liverpool Street, Southwark Bridge, and Limehouse Causeway, near Canary Wharf.

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The roads were closed for around three hours as police cleared protesters.

Police said the roads had now been cleared.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson: “A total of 52 people have been arrested following a number of protests across London and the City of London this morning.

“We responded alongside City of London Police to events on Bishopsgate, Upper Thames Street, Limehouse and on Southwark Bridge.

“Those arrested are en route to custody.”

A mum in Essex drove into the protesters as they sat blocking a busy thoroughfare last week.

Matt Howe wrote: “We demand you stop blocking ambulances.

“But hey, we can’t have all our way can we.”

Chris wrote: “If you think the majority of the public are behind you, you a sorely mistaken.

“Getting in the way of ordinary people getting to work does absolutely nothing for your cause, apart from increasing resentment.”

Insulate Britain protesters being arrested at Old Street roundabout this morning. Credit: LondonWorld

Alex Brownlee-Stokes commented: “You utter, utter morons.

“Instead of stopping ordinary people going about their daily lives, protest outside parliament or Downing Street.”

Courts have now put injunctions against the protests across London and the south east, which means police can arrest and charge campaigners for blocking certain highways.

The campaigners want the Government to promise to insulate all social housing by 2025, and come up with a national plan for low-carbon insulation across the UK by 2030.

Tracey Mallaghan, from Insulate Britain, said: “I am gutted that we’ve had to return to the roads and irritate people.

“I am irritated too. I am a single mum and I don’t have time to read climate science and parliamentary reports, but I’ve read the Chatham House report and it’s terrifying.

“Everyone should read it and ask why their government isn’t taking the action necessary to defend our country from the climate crisis.

“I understand, more than most, that money is tight and many people are struggling and stressed beyond belief.

“It’s hard to see the bigger picture when you are anxious about putting food on the table but stop and think for a moment.

“The people on the road are not your enemy, they are not the ones that have betrayed you and f****d over this country.

“They are acting out of love to protect your children and people everywhere from misery, starvation and death.”