Generous Londoners have given 15 lorry-loads of donations for Ukrainian refugees at one Balham drop-off

Astonishing footage filmed by LondonWorld shows the mind-blowing collection of bags and bundles ready to be shipped off, which almost touches the ceiling.

Generous Londoners have already given donations enough to fill 15 lorries for refugees from Ukraine at one drop-off in Balham.

The south London Polish club launched an appeal for items to be delivered to the Ukraine-Poland border to help families fleeing from the invasion.

The appeal was launched by the White Eagle Club, in Balham High Road, which will be sending the donations to Poland throughout this week.

A palette of donations is loaded up onto the lorry taking it to Ukraine, from The White Eagle Club, Balham. Credit: SWNS

A shipment left London yesterday headed for Poland’s border with Ukraine, where war refugees are crossing to escape Russian attacks.


The club will continue to send lorry shipments every day - but estimate they already have 15 lorry-loads worth of donations, with more flooding in.

Club manager Kris Gondek, 52, said: “We were amazed by the amount of donations over the weekend - it was enough to literally fill the club.

“We thought we’d collect enough donations for maybe two or three lorries - we got way more.

“We are still welcoming donations, and currently we are working with other companies to help us to get it all shipped.

A list of items needed to be donated to send to Ukraine, at the White Eagle Club outside the building in Balham. Credit: SWNS

“Our message is to do whatever you can to help.”


The White Eagle Club first put out an appeal on Friday for donations from within the Polish community in London, but they were inundated after the appeal took off.

People from all over the country were seen queueing in their hundreds to drop off further donations over the weekend.

The original appeal asked for items including bedding, clothes, shoes and toiletries.

The main hall filled with donations that will go to Ukraine at The White Eagle Club in Balham. Credit: SWNS

The team at the White Eagle Club are now in talks with several companies who may be able to help with lorries to speed up the deliveries to the border.

But despite being overwhelmed with donations, manager Kris says donations are still welcome.


They are now asking for donations of medical supplies and equipment, such as first aid kits and painkillers after getting feedback from people there at the border.

Kris said: “Our message is to help however you can to provide medical equipment. It’s about saving as many lives as possible.”