Exclusive: Shocking footage of e-scooter ablaze on London Underground

Footage of the incident shows a man coughing violently on the platform while passengers operate a fire extinguisher

An electric scooter caught fire on a London Underground train - leaving a customer coughing badly with smoke inhalation.

Passengers were asked to leave a District line train at Parsons Green station in Fulham at around 7.40pm on Monday.

Video of the dramatic scene shows the vehicle ablaze on the platform, pouring out clouds of thick grey smoke.

An electric scooter caught fire on a District line service

The driver can be heard telling passengers to exit the carriage, following the station announcement.

He said: “I must ask you to leave the train. We are aware there is smoke on the train.”

Following the evacuation, a man can be heard coughing violently on the platform.

The British Transport Police and London Fire Brigade were called to the scene

Passengers rush to his aid and offer water, while others walk away from the blaze with their hands over their mouths.

One passenger tells the man: “You’ve had a lot of smoke inhalation.”

While another shouts: “Is there a fire extinguisher?”

Passengers were seen with a fire extinguisher on the platform

A man can be heard describing the incident as “dangerous”.

Passengers can then be seen trying to begin operating a red fire extinguisher on the platform, before the video ends.

A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesperson said: “We received a report of smoke coming from an electric scooter at Parsons Green station at 7.40pm on Monday, November 1.

The incident took place at Parson’s Green tube station

“Officers attended to assist the London Fire Brigade. No criminal offences were identified.”

National Federation for the Blind UK (NFBUK) president Andrew Hodgson said: “We totally back calls to ban e-scooters on the tube, the overground and all TfL public transport.

“These are illegal machines that should have never been allowed on TfL public services and questions have to be asked as to how they were allowed to be on there in the first place.

“We have consistently stated private e-scooters should remain illegal.

“They are not safe for the riders, the pedestrians and now passengers on public transport.

“We hope TfL take immediate action to stop them being allowed on all of their services and we hope the government will take action and stop the shops selling them.”

London Fire Brigade (LFB) were contacted for comment.