Adele Hyde Park: Disgruntled fans slam ‘obscene’ £580 ticket prices for Easy On Me singer’s London shows

Tickets cost between £90.45 for general admission entry and an eye-watering £579.75 for the ultimate bar diamond and ultimate terrace tickets.

Disgruntled fans have hit out at pop superstar Adele, blasting ticket prices for her Hyde Park gigs as “obscene” and “a joke”.

Set to be released in November, the fourth record from the Grammy award-winning singer features the track Easy On Me, which shot to No 1 in the charts and broke Spotify streaming records.

Now she has been slammed for the cost of her tickets, priced between £90.45 for general admission entry and an eye-watering £579.75 for the ultimate bar diamond and ultimate terrace tickets.

Fans have taken to social media to express their outrage at what they dubbed “unhinged” and “disgusting” prices.

Twitter user Michael said: “Not to be ‘that guy’, but the Adele Hyde Park ticket prices are unhinged.”

While user Hallowyn Boranga tweeted a picture of the layout of the outdoor gig, joking: “Also the shape of the organ you will have to sell to get a ticket.”

They added: “I mean, look at these prices, absolutely obscene.”

Similarly Jack said: “Sorry but the Adele ticket prices are a joke, £90 is ridiculous considering you would be stood in a crowd outside.”

But Twitter user Joey disagreed, stating: “I think the Adele tickets are very very reasonable. I’m sorry but if I was Adele I’m doing Brixton for £5K a ticket.”

However, musician John Michie was outraged at the cost.

He said: “I am sorry BUT... how far do you have to disappear up your own arse to charge this?

“£90 is at the very upper end of what I would pay for a gig and would have to be someone I really wanted to see.

“Most gigs though, for say Noel Gallagher, are well under this and he is of the same status as Adele.

“The half a month’s wage one is just silly though.

“The level of status of Adele doesn’t justify excluding all her poor fans from seeing her.

“People bigger than Adele charge less ... but half a month’s wages for the top tier is not justifiable.

“It is disgusting she is allowing her management to do this.

“She is wealthy enough to charge £50 for a ticket and put on a decent show ... like many other acts filling the same venues.

“She doesn’t have to do the gig. And there are artists like Grimes and Noel Gallagher that do work to operate so fans get a fair deal so I don’t buy that argument.

“There are plenty of examples to show where big acts have kept ticket prices low and aren’t doing this.

“I personally wouldn’t do gigs ever at her level if this is what I had to charge fans. She is one of the biggest earners in music and you could do a free gig.

“It’s not worth it. Glastonbury is like a week and is £290 odd a ticket.

“If you want to treat your fans properly don’t rip them off. It is disgusting. She is taking, especially poorer, people for a ride.”

Adele’s management have been contacted for comment.

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