Stranger Things Pop-up London 2022: opening times, where is it and what is it?

Attention Stranger Things fans! The Upside Down is coming to London

After years of waiting Stranger Things will finally return to Netflix with a brand new series this week.

The cast and creators have teased that this series will be ‘darker’ and ‘crazier’ than ever.

Stranger Things are known for pulling their elusive publicity stunts, and the prep for season four has been no different.

Yesterday, the Stranger Things accounts set social media a buzz when they dropped a series of coordinates from across the globe.

Stranger Things wrong across their social media pages: “something big is coming. Find your city, and that’s where we’ll be. Over and out”

Many fans have speculated that this is the location of the new Stranger Things 4 pop-up shop.

While this hasn’t been confirmed it has been a common occurrence for these shops to launch to celebrate a new series of the show.

In 2019 ahead of the launch of Stranger Things 3 there was a pop-up in the theme of the Stranger Things Arcade, which was a key location in the first episode of the series.

The store leaned into the nostalgic video games and creepy characters the show is known for and was a hit among fans.

Fans were able to play Stranger Things themed arcade games and check out the secret upside down section.

So, when will the pop-up be in London?

Here’s everything we know about the

When is Stranger Things 4 out?

Stranger Things 4 will be launched on the streaming platform Netflix on Friday 27 May.

When will the Stranger Things pop-up be in London?

Fans planning to head to the London location have been told to head there on Thursday 26 May.

The pop-up pizza place will be available for the entire launch weekend of Stranger things 4.

The opening times are as follows:

Thursday 26 May - 3pm - 7pm

Friday 27 May - 3pm - 7pm

Saturday 28 May - 12pm - 8pm

Sunday 29 May 12pm - 8pm

What will the Stranger Things pop-up be?

The pop-up shop is likely to feature exclusive merch in theme with the newest series of Stranger Things.

The show is known for having specific looks, colour themes and clothes featured on the characters that become incredibly popular.

There is already a t-shirt with the ‘Hellfire Club’ logo on in stores and online which features heavily in the upcoming trailers with the characters of Mike and Dustin donning them.

It has since been confirmed that

Where will the Stranger things pop-up be in London?

From the coordinates it seems that the location will once again be in Shoreditch, which is where the previous pop-up landed in 2019. Fans have been told to head to Dereham Place in Shoreditch.

The pop-up will also be in the following locations across the globe:

  • New York, USA
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Milan, Italy
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia

What is Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is a science fiction horror television show created by the Duffer Brothers for the streaming service Netflix.

The series first premiered on 15 July in 2016. The show is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980’s.

The Duffer Brothers put a heavy focus on infusing the show with pop culture of that decade from using Back to the Future and Star Wars as props to using the decade’s most popular songs like Whip It by DEVO.

Stranger Things has attracted record viewership on Netflix and gained an international fanbase almost overnight.