Jubilee road closures Lewisham: Which roads are closed for Platinum Jubilee street parties over bank holiday?

A full list of all road closures in the borough across the extended Jubilee weekend as confirmed by Lewisham Council.

People across Lewisham are gearing up to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next weekend and that means one thing - plenty of street parties.

Neighbours on streets in the borough will come together over four days between June 2 and June 5 to mark the monarch’s 70 years on the throne.

The Queen is the first royal in British history to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

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    Her Majesty already holds the record for being the world’s longest reigning living monarch and the longest serving female monarch ever.

    A Royal street party in London. Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

    Roads will be closed to traffic across London as people set out tables and chairs for street parties to celebrate the historic day.

    In Lewisham, more than 100 roads will be closed at points over the weekend to allow for celebrations to take place.

    Below is the list of all road closures in the borough across the extended Jubilee weekend as confirmed by Lewisham Council.

    Lewisham Platinum Jubilee road closures - full list

    Adamsrill Road: June 5, 11am-7pm

    Aldermoor Road: June 3

    Algernon Road: June 4, 12pm-9pm

    Amyruth Road: June 5, 12pm-7pm

    Ardfillan Road: June 4, 10am-8pm

    Ardmere Cottages: June 5, 12pm-5pm

    Arthurdon Road: June 11, 10am-8pm

    Ashwater Road: June 4, 12pm-11pm

    Birkhall Road: June 5, 12pm-6pm

    Blythe Vale: June 4, 10am-9pm

    Boyne Road: June 5, 12pm-8pm

    Brightfield Road: June 5, 1pm-8pm

    Brockley Hall Road: June 5, 9am-6pm

    Calmont Road: June 2, 11am-5pm

    Carholme Road: June 5, 12pm-8pm

    Casslee Road: June 5, 12pm-7pm

    Charleville Circus: June 4, 12pm-9pm

    Clayhill Crescent: June 5, 9am-8pm

    Cliff Terrace: June 5, 11am-8pm

    Comerford Road: June 5, 10am-8pm

    Coniston Road: June 5, 12pm-5pm

    Cranfield Road: June 4, 10am-7pm, June 5, 9am-7pm

    Dallinger Road: June 4, 2pm-9pm

    De Frene Road: June 5, 1pm-9pm

    Drake Road: June 5, 10am-7pm

    Dukesthorpe Road: June 4, 12pm-6pm

    Elsiemaud Road: June 5, 10am-8pm

    Elswick Road: June 5, 9am-8pm

    Ermine Road: June 5, 12pm-8pm

    Exbury Road: June 4, 11am-9pm

    Farley Road: June 5, 10am-7pm

    Florence Road: June 5, 10am-6pm

    Fordel Road: June 3, 12pm-3pm

    Gaynesford Road: June 5, 10am-9pm

    Girton Road: June 5, 7am-9pm

    Glenfarg Road: June 5, 11am-5pm

    Grierson Road: June 4, 10am-8pm

    Hawstead Road: June 3, 10am-3pm

    Heather Road: June 5, 10am-8pm

    Heathlee Road and Coppelia Road: June 5, 10am-8pm

    Holme Lacy Road: June 5, 11am-4pm

    Kellerton Road: June 4, 11am-8pm

    Kingsand Road: June 4, 10am-6pm

    Kitto Road: June 2, 11am-7pm

    Kneller Road: June 4, 10am-6pm

    Ladycroft Road: June 5, 12pm-8pm

    Liphook Crescent: June 4, 12pm-6pm

    Longhill Road: June 3, 12pm-8pm

    Longton Avenue: June 5, 1pm-6pm

    Lucas Street: June 3, 1pm-6pm

    Maclean Road: June 5, 10am-9pm

    Manor Lane Terrace and Wolfram Close: June 3, 12pm-6pm

    Marler Road: June 5, 11am-9pm

    Mayeswood Road (junction with Leafy Oak Road): June 5, 12pm-5pm

    Mercia Grove: June 5, 10am-7pm

    Milborough Crescent: June 5, 9am-6pm

    Montem Road: June 3, 10am-9pm

    Mount Ash Road: June 5, 11am-8pm

    Mount Pleasant Road: June 4, 9am-6pm

    Oakcroft Road: June 5, 8am-8pm

    Oakridge Road: June 5, 10am-8pm

    Osborn lane: June 4, 10am-7pm

    Otford Crescent: June 5, 10am-8pm

    Overcliff Road: June 3, 12pm-8am

    Panmure Road: June 3, 11am-8pm

    Penerley Road: June 4, 9am-9pm

    Pitfold Close: June 5, 12pm-6pm

    Pitfold Road: June 4, 12pm-8pm

    Pragnell Road: June 5

    Priestfield Road: June 5, 10am-7pm

    Queenswood Road: June 5, 10am-5pm

    Quentin Place: June 5, 10am-9pm

    Reginald Road: June 4, 2pm-8pm

    Rockbourne Road: June 4, 11am-5pm

    Scawen Road: June 4, 10am-9pm

    Silvermere Road: June 5, 10am-8pm

    Somerset Gardens: June 4, 11am-8pm

    Somertrees Avenue: June 3, 10am-6pm

    South Park Crescent: June 5, 12pm-5pm

    Sportsbank Street: June 5, 10am-8pm

    St Asaph Road: June 5, 8am-8pm

    St Margarets Road (dead end section from Tressillian Road): June 5, 9am-8pm

    Stillness Road (bottom end near Brockley Rise): June 3, 12pm-8pm

    Sunninghill Road: June 5, 11am-6pm

    Sunnydene Street: June 4, 9am-9pm

    Thornsbeach Road (between Bargery Road and Culverley Road): June 5, 12pm-6pm

    Tidemill Way: June 2, 2pm-9pm

    Turnham Road: June 4, 9am-6pm

    Upwood Road: June 4, 12pm-7pm

    Waller Road: June 5, 12pm-8pm

    Wellmeadow Road: June 5, 2pm-5pm

    Westwood Park: June 5, 3pm-9pm

    Winterbourne Road: June 4, 10am-7pm:

    Wotton Road: June 5, 11am-6pm

    Wrenthorpe Road: June 3, 12pm-9pm