BBC The Capture: where was series 2 filmed in and around London - how to watch on catch up

Did you spot any of the London landmarks used in The Capture the first time around ?

Series 2 of BBC drama The Capture has just finished, and alongside the familiar face of DCI Cleary are some equally recognizable landmarks in and around London including The Shard and the hallways of Rotherhithe’s Printworks.

The second series brought back Holliday Grainger as DCI Rachel Cleary and featured new cast members Paapa Essiedu and Indira Varma as Isaac Turner and Khadija Khan respectively.

The official BBC synopsis explains that “Britain is under siege: hacked news feeds, manipulated media, and interference in politics. Entrenched in the UK’s own ‘Correction’ unit, DCI Rachel Carey (Grainger) finds herself in the middle of a new conspiracy - with a new target.”

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    “But how can she solve this case when she can’t even trust her closest colleagues?”

    Londonworld  has taken a look at some of the filming locations you perhaps noticed in The Capture’s second series.

    Where was The Capture: Season 2 filmed?

    The Shard

    The Aqua Shard, the complex’s premier dining hall, was featured during series two of The Capture

    A prominent feature of London’s skyline, The Shard has been a regular feature in television shows and films based in London including The Capture - becoming almost as synonymous with the city as Big Ben and the London Eye.

    Within its walls houses offices and restaurants including the upmarket Aqua Shard dining room - used in series two where an important moment between DI Rachel Carey and Commander Danny Hart took place.

    “That location did so much for us on that front, and luckily with our schedule we were able to go in right after New Year when the restaurant was a bit quieter,” producer Derek Ritchie told Radio Times, “and they were happy for us to buy it out for a night and make the most of it."

    If you fancy taking a selfie in front of The Shard or even have a look across the rest of London from its dizzying heights, you can book a tour through The View From The Shard’s website.

    Printworks London

    To capture the “gritty, urban” feel of The Capture’s second series, the hallowed Printworks London was used for some interior scenes

    Given the industrial feel when not used as an event space, Printworks in Rotherhithe was the perfect space to bring a gritty, urban feel to the new series of The Capture for a number of interior scenes.

    This included a tense chase scene in episode five as DCI Carey makes her escape from two assailants.

    Those scenes were shot through the corridors that run alongside the venue space Printworks has become renowned for.

    Once home to the largest printing factory in Western Europe, the original aesthetics, giant machines and printing presses have been preserved to create a stunning, industrial environment for a dynamic array of events.

    You can check out the events that Printworks regularly holds by visiting the venue’s event page.


    Producer Derek Ritchie explained in an interview that “our police advisor was quite delighted when he got to see” The Mothership set

    The majority of the show was housed in a control centre known as “The Mothership”, where the counter terrorism unit observe and report through the use of facial recognition and an array of advanced technology.

    But does it exist? Sadly not - it was custom built in a filming studio in Hayes, West London.

    Producer Derek Ritchie explained to the Radio Times; "Our police advisor was quite delighted when he got to see this set. He has a background in this kind of work, [and] he was blown away by the fact that we’ve created something that’s not that far off what the Met actually have."

    "So we, as ever, took dramatic licence to a certain extent in how that set was constructed and how it feels, but it’s very grounded in reality and the reality we’ve managed to cobble together. And certainly when our police advisor stepped on there, seeing his reaction - I figured we got it right."


    Did you spot the Grade II listed building in Sutton that appeared a few times in series two of The Capture?

    A grade II listed building on Carshalton Road in the borough of Sutton, The Capture’s use of the building demonstrates the breadth and width of the 33 boroughs in London, each with their own unique aesthetics and architecture.

    Its first appearance occurred in  episode one  of the recent series, where we are introduced to Isaac Turner, Security Minister and MP for Hazlemere South, played by Paapa Essiedu as he sees his family off for a morning.

    The outside of the space was used to represent the residence of Isaac Turner and his family, and prominently features in episode four as Turner faces the press and gathering crowds.

    "It’s a very rich tapestry of cross-cutting and different London locations," executive producer Rosie Alison told the Radio Times when it came to filming around areas such as Holbourn, Olympic Park near Stratford and Sutton Police Station.

    Where can I watch The Capture series two?

    The Capture series two is available for catch up now on BBC iPlayer as a boxset for those who missed out the first time around or simply wish to start it all over again.