Ben Chilwell returns to Chelsea training at Cobham after ACL injury to prepare for next season

The return of Chelsea’s superstar full-back Ben Chilwell has lifted the moods at Cobham with a return to first-team training.

The 25-year-old defender injured the ACL in his knee against Juventus November, and was ruled out of the season and forced to have surgery.

Chilwell has missed the majority of a troubled season, that has seen the club get sanctioned, put up for sale and failed to defend of their Champions League title to Real Madrid.

Ben Chilwell training ahead of the Super Cup. Credit: PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images

However his return to training has been the talking point of the day at Cobham, and Premier League broadcaster Vai Bhardwaj snapped a smiling Chilwell heading out with the first team.

His time out through injury has seen players like Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger decide to leave the club, and Chilwell is likely to have a more crucial role to play next season with a lot of personal changes expected at the club.

His return has seen Chelsea fans excited on social media and even though his manager Thomas Tuchel gave him a hug before training today, he is not expected to play a part in the remaining two games of the season.

“We are expecting nothing else,” Tuchel said about Chilwell last week.

“There are no expectations this season, we will not rush things.

Thomas Tuchel, head coach of Chelsea during the press conference after the UEFA Champions League (Photo by David Lidstrom/Getty Images)

“It is too important that the knee gets its time to heal, and Ben is too important that we take any risk now.

“We expect him in shape and his best energy for preparation in July, and then hopefully he can find his form back.

“You never know, it was a big injury, but we are happy when he’s back.”

Chelsea will hope to end the season on a high with games against Leicester and Watford to come.