Ukraine-Russia: Black students fleeing warzone tell of ‘segregation’ and ‘threats’

Korrine Sky, 26, from the UK, decided to head for the border on Friday, February 2, and says her group has faced “threats of violence” from men who were “circling” their vehicles.

A black British medical student has told how she has been “lunged at” and faced “aggression” while trying to escape from Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

Korrine Sky is studying medicine in Dnipro, a city in eastern Ukraine, and decided to head for the border on Friday, February 25.

It comes after Russian troops launched a full-scale invasion, including missile and bomb strikes, while refugees flee to the borders in the hope of safety in neighbouring countries.

The 26-year-old - who appears to have lived in London and Leicester - asked the reporters to use her social media posts to publicise the bad treatmeant.

Black medical student Korrine Sky has fled Ukraine. Photo: Korrine Sky

The mum-of-one, who is travelling with her husband in a convoy of three cars, says the group has faced “threats of violence” from men who were “circling” their vehicles.

They were then told to move by the military - and were “compliant in order to remain safe”.

She said: “We have reached the actual border… experiencing some threats of violence from some local Ukrainians who don’t believe we should enter.

“This man keeps circling our car. He has just tried to lunge for me.

“The locals are circling our car, not allowing us to pass and being aggressive.”

The video shared on Twitter shows a man aggressively gesturing towards the passengers in the car and the person filming.

LondonWorld has been told he is speaking Russian and aggressively telling the group to park their car, and threatening to take the phone of the person filming.

When they ask who he is, he says: “I’m going to tell you who I am.”

She added: “The military just knocked on our window and told us to go now so we are moving the car.

“The locals are complaining about us to the military and the military is assisting them. We are being compliant in order to remain safe.”

Korrine, who also founded Birth By Choice, a maternal health organisation for black and brown women, shared her journey on Twitter.

She wrote: “We are on our way to Poland from Dnipro, Ukraine by car.

“There is a military presence everywhere, a lot of army tanks… We have encountered a lot of military and armed police on our journey.

“We just stopped by a roadside three hours away from Lviv to stretch our legs and there were some armed local men, who at first offered us directions.

“But when we got out of the car, they told us if we don’t leave in five minutes they will shoot us and held up a gun.

“We’re okay - we just got in the car and drove off.”

And earlier today (Monday, February 27), Korrine said she was told about “segregation” experienced by other black people fleeing the conflict, by the other girls in her hostel.

“The girls travelled to Lviv via train from Dnipro and they said it was a nightmare getting on the train,” she said.

“They said they felt some segregation between how Ukrainians were treated compared to the few black people on the train.”

Korrine, who is working with two other women based in the UK to support Afro-Caribbean students leaving Ukraine, has since been contacted by the British Embassy.

The fundraiser has since raised £24,000 to help people caught up in the conflict escape.

She said: “They have been in touch with the Ukrainian embassy and have asked we be allowed to enter through the Romanian border. They said they will contact us shortly.

“We are yet to cross the border… still waiting for assistance. Sat in the car doing transfers for students fleeing Ukraine in need of financial assistance.”

Korrine and her group have since safely entered Romania, and continue to fundraise to help other black students fleeing Ukraine.

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