‘Sick left, right and centre’: Flight chaos at Heathrow Airport as British Airways flight delayed by hours

“Great job British Airways - two hours on runway, two medical emergencies, people being sick left right and centre.”

Passengers at a London airport were left stranded for two hours on a runway while some were sick and underwent “medical emergencies”.

A video of travellers queuing in an air bridge while one person appeared to be sick and another to be receiving medical assistance was shared over the weekend (Sunday, July 11).

The person who filmed the video said: “Great job British Airways - two hours on runway, two medical emergencies, people being sick left right and centre. Savage Sunday.”

Two passengers reportedly suffered medical emergencies during the wait. Photo: Supplied

The Daily Mail reported that the flight was a British Airways plane to Nice from London Heathrow, which should have departed at 7.35pm.

People can be seen queuing in the tunnel to the plane, reportedly after being kept on the aircraft for two hours in the heat, before being allowed to return to the air-conditioned space.

One person appears to be ill, with another passenger collecting some tissues for them.

While another individual appears to be being helped into a wheelchair.

One passenger was sick while waiting on the airbridge. Photo: Supplied

One traveller told MailOnline: ‘It’s disgraceful. It is hotter than hell on this plane. British Airways is slowly killing us.

“Passengers are crying and on the verge of passing out.

“It’s truly disgusting that they have no air conditioning. British Airways is literally a joke.”

It comes as passengers face “phenomenal” queues as disruption at Heathrow Airport resembles a “cattle market”, as bosses admit 60 plus flights have been cancelled today.

Travellers are caught up in further chaos today (Monday, July 11) as London is set to sizzle in a 31C heatwave.

61 flights have been cancelled at Heathrow Airport terminals three and five after “higher passenger numbers” than the site has capacity for were expected.

LondonWorld understands that around 1,100 flights are set to leave the airport today.

It comes as the UK aviation industry is battling severe upheaval following the impact of Covid-19 on staffing levels.

A spokesperson for Heathrow said: “We apologise for the impact to travel plans and we are working closely with airlines to get affected passengers rebooked onto other flights.”

British Airways has been contacted for comment.