Queen Elizabeth death: Royal superfan ‘Union Jack Man’ will miss Her Majesty

‘’She has done such a wonderful job, and I was even lucky enough to meet her when she was a youngster.”

A royal superfan who met the Queen more times than any other member of the public says he will miss Her Royal Highness - who used to call him ‘Union Jack Man’.

Terry Hutt, 87, has a home crammed with royal memorabilia and says he is "heartbroken".

The devoted fan has spent decades travelling to Buckingham Palace and other royal residences to wait outside and meet the Windsors.

Royal superfan Terry Hutt. Photo: SWNS

Terry said: ‘’I’ve been very fortunate enough to meet the Queen and the family for many years now.

"Elizabeth always made a point to walk over to me, nod her head, say hello.

"Her Majesty even called me Union Jack Man!

Waiting to celebrate the Queen Mother’s birthday. Photo: SWNS

‘’She has done such a wonderful job, and I was even lucky enough to meet her when she was a youngster. I’ll miss her.’’

Terry’s fascination was sparked when he was just four-years-old - when he met the Queen Mother when she went on a walkabout during the Blitz.

The retired carpenter has since written hundreds of letters and cards to old and young heirs to discuss royal affairs, say get well soon or congratulate them on weddings and births.

Terry has a room full of royal memorabilia. Photo: SWNS

He also regularly sends gifts to the royals, including a toy dog for Prince George.

Terry is renowned for standing outside Buckingham Palace in all weathers and is known to the Queen as ‘Union Jack Man’ because of his red, white and blue suit.

In fact, he could claim to have met her more times than any other member of the public.

Terry’s royal memorabilia. Photo: SWNS

Terry’s home in Weston-Super-Mare, in Somerset, is crammed full of royal memorabilia including pictures, newspaper cuttings and flags.

But born in north London, Terry will only buy his distinctive Union Jack hats in Camden Market and always haggles traders down from a tenner.

When camping on the streets, he uses his oldest hat as a night cap to keep his head warm. And he always takes a flask of tea and some sandwiches.

Terry even has an entire room dedicated to his obsession, with placards he made and photographs of the royals on the walls.

It had to be stored in a caravan when he moved house, due to the quantity of letters, newspaper cuttings, framed photographs and souvenirs.