Carol Vorderman says her five lovers ‘know about each other’ as she details her ‘very happy’ sex life

Carol Vorderman has opened up about her sex life as she shares how she is dealing with having five lovers after deciding not to settle down

Carol Vorderman spoke candidly about her sex life and how modern dating has impacted her desire to not settle down on Monday’s episode of This Morning.

The television presenter, 62, from Bedford, told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that she spends her time with her “five special friends” instead of searching for “the one”.

This comes after she appeared on the show back in October 2022 and said that after two failed marriages she has spent the last decade living a life that is “much freer”.

She said at the time that she has “ignored” looking for one person and has a number of what she calls “special friends”.

Carol Vorderman has opened up about her life with ‘five special friends’ as she shares the reality of dating in her 60s

Carol shared that she had revealed her love life “off the cuff” when a discussion arose around mature dating.

The television presenter said that the reaction to her October revelation was “almost universally positive,” especially with women in their 50s and 60s and their daughters.

She explained that her dating life in her 60s is vastly different to the life she had dreamed of in her 20s.

Carol was last married to her husband Patrick King in 2000 and the pair have two children together, Katie (32) and Cameron (26).

The former Countdown personality said that in her 20s she had dreamed of settling down with a husband and having children.

However in her 60s, she shared that she has “a very happy life” and a life that is “very full” living with her two children.

Carol said her situation has come about “naturally” and that her relationships are the “icing on the cake” instead of the fundamentals of her life.

She shared that her relationships are all “single” and all have the same connection that they do not want just one partner.

This Morning presenter, Phillip Schofield shared that Carol had known one of her friends for eleven years and that her relationships were not “just one night stands”.

Carol then added that if her friends wanted to do that, then “that is their choice”, stating that she has no rules for her relationships and shared that her one rule in life is “do no harm”.

The television presenter revealed that her friends all “know about each other” and shared that they all “have their lives and I don’t need to know about that.”

Carol also revealed the stats that half of first marriages in the UK end in divorce and three quarters of second marriages suffer the same fate.

Carol is a regular guest on the ITV show where she talks about love and relationships (@carolvorders - Instagram)

She said that she is “independent” which has caused issues in previous relationships and that she wants people to choose what is ‘right’ for them.

The television presenter shared that it was important that her friends were single and not in relationships but were allowed to have their own “special friends.”

Carol said she doesn’t talk to her friends about their relationships with other people, telling This Morning presenters, Holly Willougby and Phillip Schofield: “You don’t need to know, do you?”

Phil asked the Countdown maths expert what her children thought of her situation, with Carol saying: “They’re fine, they know them.”

Carol shared the reason behind telling her story, saying: “I’m only talking about it because there was such a reaction to it and a lot people are shamed by society so why not talk about”

“Love can be very unhappy and isn’t the goal to just be happy.”