Roman Kemp: Capital Breakfast host leaves fans guessing which Brazilian footballer he had tattooed

Radio host leaves fans confused over who tattoo inking is meant to be

Roman Kemp has shocked fans after sharing a photo of his new tattoo on social media.

The Capital Breakfast radio host, 29, who lives in London, shared the image of Brazilian football legend Rondaldo Nazario with his 314 thousand Twitter followers.

The caption read: “Starting my footballing legends tattoo collection with @ronaldo!”

The tweet has gained over 500,00 views and over 1,000 comments but many fans weren’t impressed with the new inking.

One person wrote: “I’d want a refund....doesn’t look anything like him”

Another commented: “That’s terrible  - never let that tattoo artist work on you again”

A third added: “You having a laugh!”

The tattoo is a portrait of footballer Ronaldo Nazario who played for Brazil in 98 matches scoring 62 goals for his country. He played in four World Cups from 1994 -2006. The football star also played for AC Milan, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Barcelona.

Ronaldo Nazario

Sadly it looks as though many of Roman’s fans were left confused over who the tattoo was suppoed to depict, with many fans thinking the inking was meant to be Portuguese football superstar Christiano Ronaldo.

One fan commented: “Does everyone genuinely think this is supposed to be Cristiano Ronaldo or are you having me on?

The Arsenal FC fan Roman has a range of Tattoos including writings by celebrity pals singers Ed Sheeran and Niall Horan, a large eagle and a lion on either side of his chest and a lizard entwined on an anchor.

He also has a bird tattoo on the side of his leg tribute to friend and producer of his show Joe Lyons who tragically died.

Roman Kemp attends the Capital Jingle Bell Ball 2022

Roman is the son of 1980’s pop icons Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet and Wham singer Shirlie Holliman.

The couple shocked viewers of ITV The Masked Singer series as it was revealed they were the Cat and Mouse duo.

Roman shared a video on social media of himself in complete disbelief with the caption “can someone please explain what is going on though.”