‘I’m better off doing what’s right’: Londoners head to Ukraine Embassy to volunteer in war against Russia

Some with military experience, including an ex-British military special reconnaissance Staff Sergeant turned up to volunteer their services.

Dozens of Londoners arrived at the Ukrainian Embassy hoping to join the war against the Russian invaders.

The wannabe soldiers were given a slip of paper where they were told to call and email an address.

Some with military experience, including an ex-British military special reconnaissance Staff Sergeant turned up to volunteer their services.

Others had connections with Ukraine, while some said they wanted to fight for “freedom”.

Douglas Lamboune, 25, from west London, has little military experience, but has volunteered to fight against Russia. Credit: SWNS

Matthew Green, 47, from London, who retired as a Staff Sergeant six months ago, said: “I want to fight for diplomacy.

“I think the British military are stuck and I’m sure we would send our men if we could.

“It’s the perfect timing for me as I was discharged six months ago.

“I have no connection with Ukraine or Russia, but I want to do my part.

“I was special reconnaissance, Afghanistan three tours, and retired as a Staff Sergeant.

“I’m 47, so I might be a bit long in the teeth, but I know how to be a soldier.”

Douglas Lamboune 25 from West London, has little military experience. Credit: SWNS

Douglas Lambourne, 25, from west London, said: “I’m here to join the legion because it’s the right thing to do.

“My mum’s Polish and I’ve got family out in Ukraine.

“I’m 25 and sitting at home, and my time is better spent going over there doing what’s right.

“I’ve got some military experience, but I don’t want to discuss it.

“I’ve got enough to go over there and help.”

A man, who gave his name as Jake, from London, said: “I want to go as my dad was in the military, and I think it’s right that I should go over there and help.

“We’re not going under the British flag, we’re going as individual men; not as British soldiers, but as people who want to do what’s right.

“We’ve all got to stand against tyranny.”

Dean Stubbs, 40, from Camden, outside of the Ukrainian embassy to offer his help to fight the Russians. He has no military background and has not even told his family that he is trying to sign up. Credit: SWNS

Dean Stubbs, 40, of Camden, north London, who has no military background, is planning on heading out with two friends who served in the Tank Regiment in Afghanistan.

He said: “My family don’t know what I’m doing and that I plan to go out there, but that isn’t going to stop me.

“If they knew then they would tell me not to go, I’ve tried to keep the same tunnel vision and just want to go as soon as possible.

“My friends have both got experience and have said they will lead the way and I will follow them.

“I have friends who are Ukrainian and I want to do it for them, for their families, I know they would do the same for me.”

He added: “Putin is a monster, and it is disgusting what he is doing. I just think it’s terrible that he has bullied his people into believing this is the right thing to do.

“He is a bully, and they don’t have a choice, thousands of people will lose their lives over this, and it’s not right.”

James Elliott, 40, a dual British and American citizen from west London, said: “Putin is a mad man.

“You’ve got to fight for democracy. It’s clearly the opening shots of something bigger.

“I have no military experience. I’m hoping to do logistics, stacking boxes, fighting, whatever.”

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