‘Has someone taken a chainsaw to it?’: Londoners react with horror at Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

A lot of anticipation usually surrounds the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, but Londoners have found it underwhelming.

The annual Christmas tree has been put up in Trafalgar Square and you’d think it would be a site to behold.

It is one of London’s main festive traditions, with thousands of commuters and tourist passing every day.

Despite being locked down in 2020, the tree was still up, and was received well to help spread good cheer throughout the capital during a tough time.

At the current time of writing, there is currently no lockdown in England, despite London being the hotspot for the new variant.

However, Londoners have not been left impressed by the latest tree sent over from Norway.

On Instagram, people have already commented things such as “it’s already dead” and made jokes like “it’s got the new variant by the looks of it”.

And one hilarious reply said: “It looks like this because Ole [Gunnar-Solskjaer] got sacked, isn’t it?”

This is how Twitter reacted to the picture of the new tree being erected.