Senior Met Police officer who called pregnant colleague ‘f***ing nutter’ sacked from force

Ch Supt Paul Martin told one colleague he disliked to “get a life and die” and also claimed another colleague’s pregnancy had led her to talk too much before calling her a “f***ing nutter”.

A senior Met Police chief who referred to a pregnant colleague as a “f***ing nutter” has been sacked amid allegations of cronyism, bullying and racking up thousands of pounds in bogus expenses claims.

Ch Supt Paul Martin, who was west area borough commander, has been dismissed without notice from the force, after a misconduct hearing found he had breached conduct standards, including presiding over a “boys club”.

The former officer failed to declare a conflict of interest when he interviewed close friend and colleague Ch Ins Davinder Kandohla for promotion to superintendent, the hearing found.

Ch Supt Paul Martin, West Area Commander. Credit: Met Police

He then committed further misconduct in a bid for revenge on the man he accused of “grassing” on him to bosses, the hearing, which concluded on Sunday, January 16, heard.

Martin also claimed more than £5,500 in expenses on PS James Di-Luzio’s card, which he spent on alcohol, travel insurance and flight upgrades for a police conference trip to Florida.

His line manager was only aware he had claimed £105.98 on expenses, the hearing heard.

While Kandohla was accused of failing to declare the conflict of interest and telling colleagues to make false statements on two occasions.

His wife, PC Karina Kandohla, was also accused of failing to report and challenge him, but the allegations against her were not proven.

The Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) misconduct hearing, held in west London, also heard all three male officers bullied more junior colleagues.

Their behaviour came to light in July 2018 when a colleague told bosses Martin had been an assessor during Kandohla’s application to become a superintendent.

Martin told one colleague he disliked to “get a life and die” and also claimed another colleague’s pregnancy had led her to talk too much before calling her a “f***ing nutter”.

Martin told another colleague her predecessor had failed the loyalty tests he had set and said colleagues had to be loyal to him or “face the consequences”.

It is also alleged Kandohla called one colleague who told an officer he had seen him in a pub with a junior female officer a “c**t” and said he wanted to “sort it out in the locker room”.

Di-Luzio was often “rude and dismissive”, yelling at one colleague and telling another he wanted “to make PCs cry”, it was heard.

Both Martin and Kandohla were dismissed without notice, while Di-Luzio was issued with management advice.

Commander Catherine Roper said: “The behaviour demonstrated by these officers has no place in the Met.

"It is right that they have been subject to a detailed and thorough investigation by the DPS, resulting in a misconduct hearing and the subsequent sanctions.

“Three of the officers were of a leadership rank and should have been setting a strong example for the standards we hold in the Met.

"Instead they abused their trusted positions; in particular in the way they spoke to and treated more junior members of staff was appalling."

She added: "This behaviour will not be tolerated by anyone in the Met and we will continue to investigate and hold to account those who act in this manner.”