Met Police: Officers grab rollerblader who nearly collided with royal motorcade

Video footage shared thousands of times online shows the young rollerblader approach the oncoming cars.

A rollerblader was unceremoniously put to the ground by police officers as he travelled down a closed road and nearly met with King Charles’ oncoming motorcade.

Video footage shared thousands of times online shows the young rollerblader approach the oncoming cars, before being pulled to the ground, and attended to by several police officers.

One of the officers seems to be pushing the male’s head and face into the ground, while another Met officer calls out for handcuffs to be brought to secure him.

A police officer stands guard as members of the public stand in line as they queue along Embankment, with the Palace of Westminster, house of Parliaments and Elizabeth Tower, commonly referred to as Big Ben, in the background. Picture: Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images

The rollerblader can eventually be seen being led away by the officers in question, with the force later saying that he was released without charge.

A Met spokesperson said of the incident: “At approximately 7.40pm, as police vehicles were entering Parliament Square, a pedestrian attempted to cross the road.”


“An officer on foot quickly intervened, bringing the man to the ground in order to stop him from continuing.

“The man was subsequently spoken to by officers before being let on his way.”

The incident with the rollerblader which took place on Friday, September 16, is the latest in a series of security concerns that came about due to the Queen’s funeral.

A man was arrested for charging the Queen’s coffin as it lay in state on Friday, September 16, and another man ran into the road to try to get a picture of King Charles while his vehicle was in motion.


While two women were sexually assaulted after a man exposed himself as they queued to see the lying-in-state.

And another man has pleaded guilty to a public order offence after being escorted out of the queue following his comments about the Queen.