David Carrick: Victims suffered ‘catastrophic’ harm at hands of serial rapist Met Police officer

“This is a sickening and horrific case with far reaching consequences for policing. I truly hope never to see its like again.”

Victims suffered “catastrophic” harm at the hands of a serial rapist and sex abuser serving at the heart of the Met Police, a tribunal heard.

Ex-officer David Carrick, who waged a vile campaign of rape and abuse against women over almost two decades, has been disbarred from the force today (January 17).

On Monday he pleaded guilty to a further four offences at the Old Bailey, confirming him as one of Britain’s worst serial sex offenders.

The former armed officer, who patrolled sensitive sites in the Houses of Parliament, committed “heinous” acts which have “immeasurably” damaged the Met’s reputation, lawyer Hywel Jenkins said.

Sick acts reportedly included handcuffing victims naked, locking them under his stairs, whipping one with a belt, and banning them from eating or speaking to their children.

PC David Carrick has admitted 49 sex attacks over an 18-year period. Credit: Facebook

Assistant commissioner Louisa Rolfe confirmed Carrick, 48, will never serve again as a police officer, after he confessed to 49 charges against 12 women, over 17 years.

She said: “It is my conclusion that the only appropriate disciplinary action is one of dismissal.

“It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the courage and suffering of PC Carrick’s victims.

“This is a sickening and horrific case with far reaching consequences for policing. I truly hope never to see its like again.”

Carrick is set to be sentenced early next month and expected to be behind bars for life.

Sir Mark Rowley and Sadiq Khan.

Jenkins told the tribunal the ex-officer’s crimes were “heinous, targeted and deliberate”.

He said for the victims and their families, “harm may be summarised, we submit, in one word - catastrophic".

“The conduct of this officer, resulting in convictions for grave offences, will be likely to damage immeasurably the reputation of the Met Police.

“It has been said already by those in the police service that policing has taken a step backwards as a result of these convictions.

“These were multiple serious offences that stretched from 2004 to 2020 - 20 counts of of rape alone, spread over two decades, and involving the intimidation and degradation of women.

“And on mitigation, there is only really the guilty plea, late in the day as it was.”

Serving Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick who has pleaded guilty to 49 offences, including 24 counts of rape, against 12 women between 2003 and 2020. Credit: Met Police

He added: “[Where] behaviour caused or could have caused serious harm to confidence in the police service, dismissal is likely to follow.

“We submit that PC Carrick should cease to be a member of this force without delay.”

Carrick was not present and made no attempts to submit representations, the tribunal was told. PC Andy Swift, from the Police Federation, attended virtually as an observer.

AC Rolfe confirmed that on December 13, 2022, Carrick had pleaded guilty to:

  • 20 counts of rape;
  • Nine counts of sexual assault;
  • Five counts of assault by penetration;
  • Three counts of coercive and controlling behaviour;
  • Two counts of imprisonment;
  • Two counts of attempted rape;
  • One count of attempted sexual assault by penetration;
  • And one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent.

He admitted a further six offences yesterday, which are not being considered as part of misconduct proceedings.

Hywel Jenkins, counsel for the Met, said Carrick had breached standards of professional behaviour by means of discreditable conduct.

“By virtue of the charges set out and convictions upheld, we allege [he] behaved in a manner which discredited the police service and undermined public confidence in policing,” he said.

“We further allege that conduct amounted to gross misconduct.”

AC Rolfe said: “I find that PC Carrick’s conduct breaches the standards of professional behaviour… [that he] plainly brought discredit to the police service and undermined public confidence in policing.”

She said the number and severity of his offences “leaves no doubt in my mind that this is gross misconduct” and stressed: “It is conduct so serious that dismissal would be justified.”

Carrick will be added to the College of Policing’s disbarred list, preventing him from serving with any other UK police force, police and crime commissioner, or police regulators.