Asda Just Essentials: Almost a quarter of products out of stock in south London

54 items were unavailable for an online Asda shopper in a postcode in Southwark.

Almost a quarter of Asda’s Just Essentials range products were out of stock for shoppers in south London.

Asda shoppers trying to buy the new Just Essentials range face a postcode lottery, with 24% of products out of stock in one London borough checked in an exclusive NationalWorld audit.

A total of 54 items were unavailable for an online Asda shopper in the postcode SE1 4YX - in Southwark - despite a superstore being located just a 19 minute walk away.

The supermarket launched the new line, which has almost entirely replaced the former Smart Price and Farm Stores brands, earlier this year with a promise that the full range would be available in all 581 stores and online.

Bosses said the new range had been designed with tackling the cost of living crisis in mind, adding that the store’s mission was “to meet all household needs through Just Essentials by Asda, and ensure that families can enjoy nutritious food, no matter their budget”.

Asda has faced criticism in the past for not stocking its value range widely enough - and online shoppers now face shortages on new Just Essentials items (Image: NationalWorld/Mark Hall)

The range spans everything from food cupboard essentials, dairy, fresh and frozen meat and prepared products.

But in a snapshot taken across seven UK cities earlier this month, NationalWorld found that between 18% and 34% of products were either out of stock or listed as ‘unavailable’ online.

NationalWorld tried to buy 222 food, drink and household cleaning Just Essentials products listed on the Asda website using central postcodes in Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, south London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, finding wide variation in availability.

Edinburgh had the best availability according to our research, although around one in six products (18%) were still out of stock. It was followed by Cardiff (20%), Newcastle and Manchester (23%), South London (25%) and then Birmingham (28%).

The snapshot was taken between November 8 and 9.

Shoppers in Northern Ireland were the least well served, with 76 (34%) Just Essentials items unavailable at the Belfast address. NationalWorld asked if post-Brexit trading conditions were at all responsible for the offering in Northern Ireland, but Asda did not address this.

Fourteen products were out of stock at all seven addresses we tried to buy them from.

These included sliced bread, mustard, mixed herbs, strawberries, tinned carrots, tinned potatoes, frozen prawns, chicken nuggets, cherries, tomatoes, a gammon joint, chocolate digestive bars and spaghetti loops.

Almost a quarter of Asda’s Just Essentials range products were out of stock for shoppers in south London. Photo: NationalWorld

Asda began rationing the range in September to tackle shortages - just months after its launch. The rules, which angered many customers, banned them from buying more than three of any individual item.

A spokesperson said at the time that the move was temporary, promising that out of stock products would be back on the shelves after “a short period”.

Patchy availability of value range products is not a new issue for Asda.

In January, food writer Jack Monroe posted a viral Tweet criticising the Office for National Statistics over its inflation index, in which she also hit out at Asda over the dwindling number of Smart Price products available in her local store.

The anti-poverty campaigner had pointed out that poorer shoppers faced exaggerated levels of inflation if stores did not widely stock their cheapest products.

In her local Asda, she could no longer buy a 29p bag of Smart Price pasta, and had to instead opt for a 70p own-brand version – the equivalent of a 141% price rise.

Asda said in response that it would stock its entire Smart Price and Farm Stores ranges in all 581 food stores and online to help customers with the cost-of-living crisis.

NationalWorld has also exposed how products in the Just Essentials line are being hit by price hikes month after month in our exclusive supermarket value range price tracker.

Campaigner Jack Monroe.

In some cases, we saw new Just Essentials products replacing a cheaper existing Smart Price or Farm Stores item.

Recent issues with lack of availability of Just Essentials products have not gone unnoticed, with customers taking to Twitter to complain about their struggles purchasing budget items.

In August one shopper posted: “Just doing the ASDA order....their Just Essentials (formerly Smart Price) range has 200 items in it. 6 are out of stock. Including their frozen chicken curry and rice ready meal; but don’t worry, the non frozen one is available for 50% more!”

A few days later another posted: “Last night, I looked online at Asda site. The Just Essentials range vaunted by [Jack Monroe] was mostly ‘out of stock’... at least on the cheapest things.”

Another replied: “It’s almost always out of stock at my local store now, it’s so disheartening.”

An Asda spokesperson said: “We launched Just Essentials in May to help customers keep their households running on the tightest of budgets.

“The combination of good quality products, at low prices, is proving very popular with our customers and more than 10m of them bought products from the range in the last quarter.

“To manage availability and ensure as many customers as possible can buy Just Essentials products, we have temporary purchase limits of three of any product across the range.”