Photographer Alison Jackson enjoys capturing the “Queen” behind closed doors.

‘Real or not?’: Ten incredibly convincing photos of Queen Elizabeth II

To mark her Platinum Jubilee, here are ten lookalike photographs of Queen Elizabeth II by Bafta award winning photographer Alison Jackson.

Bafta and multi-award winning photographer Alison Jackson has been exploring the private lives of the royal family for over 20 years.

Most famous for her ‘real or not’ photographs she portrays celebrities in their private lives using cleverly-styled lookalikes.

She has famously photographed ‘the Queen’ on the toilet and ‘Princess Diana’ giving the middle finger.

Jackson says she is particularly fascinated by the Queen as she “keeps us all guessing” as to what goes on in her private life.

“I’m particularly interested in the Queen because she is the master of marketing,” she told LondonWorld.

“She keeps silent, she doesn’t say anything and keeps us all guessing as to what she’s like and to what she gets up to at home back in Buckingham Palace.

“It’s extremely clever, it allows us to project whatever we want onto her, she’s this incredible blank canvas and is shrouded in myth.”

Jackson says she has been working with two different Queen lookalikes over the years.

“They’re both very accommodating, they know how to perform as the Queen, they’ve got the same physique, we just have to style the hair and dress them up.

“All I’m doing is suggesting something from things I’ve read and then people can imagine the rest.”

The Chelsea based photographer’s work is currently being exhibited at the Exhibit A Gallery in South Kensington and she also has an upcoming Platinum Jubilee "70" exhibition opening on June 16 in Manchester.

To find out more about Alison Jackson’s work you can visit her website.

Here are ten of her very realistic “real or not” photos of the Queen.

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