GTA: Grand Theft Auto, London and how a new game in the capital might look

We look at GTA's history with London, and how a new visit by the game might look today.

Grand Theft Auto VI was announced last month, and it got us thinking - when was the last time London was featured in the iconic games franchise?

It turns out that you need to look all the way back to Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, released in 1999. Rather than a game in its own right, London 1969 was released as an expansion pack for the original GTA title. Taking place in a fictionalised version of The Big Smoke in the 60s, the player would steal, drive and kill for London-based crime syndicates.

Being developed in the ‘90s, however, London 1969 didn’t quite look like how we picture GTA today. The game was played from a bird’s eye view, and the world was minute in comparison to the franchise's more recent releases.

The series’ most recent instalment took place in a sprawling city inspired by Los Angeles. Complete with beaches, distinct neighbourhoods and surrounding countryside, Grand Theft Auto V whet the appetite of fans picturing what their city might look like in a GTA game.

A decade later, with the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI disappointingly revealing a Miami-inspired setting - despite rumours of a UK appearance - we Londoners are longing to picture what it could have looked like in the capital. Luckily for us, AI image generation from Dall-E lets us do just that - so let's take a look at how GTA might look in the big smoke.