Gangs of London season 2: trailer, Sky release date and who is in cast with Sope Dirisu?

If you have not seen the first series then we suggest you look away now as there are spoilers ahead

After a successful first season, the Gangs of London season two trailer has been released, with some much loved characters returning.

The series became Sky Atlantic’s second-biggest original drama launch of all time, with a seven day audience totalling 2.23 million viewers for the pilot episode when it aired in 2020.

The show was also met with great praise, with GQ labelling it as “a strong early contender to be the best show of the summer”.

With the show set to grace our screens for a second season, who is in the cast, and when will the second season be released?

What is Gangs of London?

Set in present-day London, Gangs of London is a British action-crime drama that shows the power struggle between rival gangs and various other criminal organisations.

The show tells the story of London being infiltrated and torn apart by the struggles of international gangs, and how the dynamic swings when the head of one of London’s most powerful crime families is assassinated.

Finn Wallace, played by Colm Meaney, was the head of a crime family in London, with billions of pounds going through his organisation each year. When he is assassinated, his son, helped by another crime family, takes his place.

His seat at the head of the family causes a domestic and international ripple in crime, impacting Albanian Mafia headed by Luan Dushaj, as well as the Kurdish freedom fighters, Pakistani Drug Cartel, Welsh travellers and various other criminal elements.

Amidst all of this, Elliot Finch, an undercover policeman, played by Sope Dirisu infiltrates the Wallace family organisation.

When is the release date?

Despite the release of the trailer, a release date for the beginning of season two has not yet been announced.

Who is in the confirmed cast for season two?

The return of one of the main characters in the show, Joe Cole - most known for his role as John Shelby on BBC show Peaky Blinders - is unknown.

The star has not been included in season two details that have so far been released, so viewers may have to wait until the show airs to find out what happened to him.

Season one left his character’s life hanging in the balance, unknown to viewers whether he survived an attack that left him surrounded by his own blood.

Despite that, some other characters will be present in the second season.

They are:

  • Sope Dirisu (Elliot Finch)
  • Michelle Fairley (Marian Wallace) 
  • Brian Vernel (Billy Wallace)
  • Pippa Bennett-Warner (Shannon Dumani) 
  • Lucian Msamati (Ed Dumani)
  • Paapa Essiedu (Alexander Dumani)
  • Valene Kane (Jacqueline Robinson)
  • Orli Shuk (Luan Dushaj)
  • Narges Rashidi (Lale) 
  • Asif Raza (Asif)

Some new cast members have also been announced, and will appear in season two, with their character details to be announced at a later date.

They are:

Waleed Zuaiter - Baghdad Central, The Spy

Jasmine Armando - Will be making her TV debut - she is a French rapper

Salem Kali - Un Prophete, Dealer

Aymen Hamdouchi - SAS: Red Notice, Criminal: UK

Fady El-Sayed - Baghdad Central, A Private War