Eight London rescue dogs which are looking for a home

Can you care for these lovable pooches looking for a fur-ever home.

Calling all dog lovers across the capital, your help is needed.

Badger, Bailey and Blu are just a few rescue hounds who are currently looking for a new home.

The Dogs Trust centre, in Harefield, Hillingdon, west London, has several four-legged friends who are seeking their forever family.

From American bulldogs to Siberian huskies, there are several adorable pooches that are in need of some love.

Here are eight furry friends available for rehoming right now.


Tye is an affectionate Shar-Pei who loves playing with toys and going for walks. Tye has had a tough start in life which has led him to become quite panicky in certain situations, especially around handling. It is very important that Tye’s new owners are patient and gentle with his handling.

Badger is looking for a home. Credit: Dogs Trust


Badger is a male Terrier Cross who loves to get out and explore, but he does prefer quieter walking areas.

The pooch is looking for a forever home with patient owners who are happy to let him settle in.

Bailey is a happy chap. Credit: Dogs Trust


Bailey is a sweet American bulldog, who adores fuss and attention and will bring lots of smiles to your day.

She is a very smart girl, who is eager to learn new tricks and practice the ones she already knows.

Bailey will need a home that can provide a safe space for her to settle.

She loves fuss, so will need owners who are confident with her size and her boisterous, playful side.

Blu the German Shepherd. Credit: Dogs Trust


Blu is a beautiful German Shepherd, who is always up for a cuddle.

He is a perfect best friend for anyone looking for a large cuddle buddy.

Blu is looking for patient owners who are willing to put in time and effort into his socialisation with dogs.

He will also take a while to settle into his new home.

Duke the lovable greyhound. Credit: Dogs Trust


Duke is a lovely greyhound, who adores having a run around and playing with toys.

Duke is a sweetheart, looking for a home with extra space on the sofa and a private and secure garden for him to zoom around in.

Little Freddie the pooch. Credit: Dogs Trust


Freddie is an adorable terrier cross.

He loves playing tug and with good squeaky toys.

Freddie is after patient owners, who are willing to help him build his confidence within the home and provide him with safe spaces to settle.

He would be happiest in a quiet, adult-only household, without any neighbouring dogs.

Suki the Siberian husky. Credit: Dogs Trust


Suki is a beautiful Siberian husky, who loves getting out for walks with her favourite people.

Suki would really benefit from experienced husky owners or a good knowledge of the breed.

New owners would need to be willing to give her the time to settle and her own space when needed.

Arnie a male lurcher that the Dogs Trust is housing. Credit: The Dogs Trust


Arnie is a male Lurcher, who loves getting out and having a run around.

He likes to take it slow when meeting new strangers, but it doesn’t take long to become his new bestie, especially if you want to play fetch with him.

Arnie would love a semi-rural home, so he can enjoy long and quiet walks, without bumping into too many people.

Due to the pandemic, the Dogs Trust is currently doing virtual rehomings. All details are available on the charity’s website.