London History Day 2022: when is it, what is it, how did it begin and how can I get involved?

The day was first introduced in 2017

London History Day is upon us, with people encouraged to participate and interact with the day virtually.

London History Day hasn’t been a day for that long, with people hoping it can be how people hoped it would be before the pandemic.

Despite the event essentially happening virtually, you can still get involved, here’s how.

People have been moving out of cities during the Covid pandemic (image: AFP/Getty Images)

When is London History Day?

This year, London History Day is on Tuesday, 31 May 2022.

The day it is held isn’t just some random day, it is a day that honours London History Day. It is held on 31 May because, way back in 1859, that is the date that Big Ben started keeping time for the first time ever.

What is London History Day?

London is our capital city, and is home to almost nine million people, and it is steeped in history going back thousands of years.

The day is put together by Historic England to promote the extensive, rich and colourful history of the capital.

It is a chance for everyone to learn a little bit more about London and see why we should appreciate the great city a little more.

It can also be used as an educational day, allowing people to discover things about the history of London that they previously did not know.

Across the city museums and galleries as well as the Houses of Parliament get involved in. They organise walking tours, special events, rare displays as well as lots of online content and events.

What usually happens on London History Day?

London History Day’s inaugural day was in 2017, and wasn’t going long before it was all brought to a halt, so people have no set in stone way of celebrating the day.

However, previous years have seen schools holding themed days, or taking trips to various London landmarks across the capital.

In 2022, people are to take part in some virtual and online events, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

How can I celebrate the day at home?

Just because the day is being officially celebrated virtually, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit some of the landmarks around London, including statues of prominent people in the history of London, and the UK.

As well as this, you can take virtual tours of museums by looking at their websites and video accounts.

Historic England also has ways you can get involved, as per their official website.

Here’s how they recommend you get involved:

  • Tell us about the people and places that inspire you and remind you of London’s resilience on social media using the hashtag #LondonHistoryDay or tagging us @HistoricEngland on Twitter
  • See items from museums, galleries and archives telling amazing stories of London’s strength and resilience. Follow #LondonHistoryDay on Twitter!
  • Build your favourite London landmarks out of paper and cardboard and share on social
  • Explore the history of London with online maps and add your own

What are some important moments in London’s history?

  • Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot is discovered - 1605
  • William Shakespeare is born - 1564
  • Great fire of London - 1666
  • London becomes to capital of Britain under Alfred The Great - 884
  • City’s first mayor is elected - 1189
  • St James’ palace is built - 1536
  • Tower bridge is built - 1894