London Craft Beer Festival 2022: when is the event, can I purchase tickets and what breweries will be there?

The event is to be held at the Tobacco Dock in Wapping, east London

The London Craft Beer festival is back, and this year is the biggest landmark for it yet, as 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the festival.

Over 100 breweries will be present, which makes it one the biggest and liveliest brewing festivals the country has to offer.

With the event taking place soon, here’s the official dates, how and where to buy tickets and the list of the breweries present.

When is the London Craft Beer Festival 2022?

The dates for the London Craft Beer Festival 2022 land slap bang in the middle of August, a time where sipping brews is best as it is in the middle of summer.

The dates for this years festival are Friday, 12 August and Saturday, 13 August 2022.

Where is it being held?

The event is to be held at the iconic Tobacco Dock, which is one of the trendiest venues in London.

It has capacity for up to 2,000 standing attendees, also making it a perfect location for a venue such as this one.

Can I still purchase tickets?

The event is fast approaching, and takes place in just over two weeks time, with tickets still available.

Just like any multi-day event, there are a number of different ticket types you can purchase, where you can get a single day ticket, or one that grants you entry for the entire event.

For the 2022 London craft beer festival, there are five different types of tickets available for you to purchase.

Tickets can be purchased from the London craft beer festival official website.

These are: Opening session, Opening night, Saturday social, Big Night Out, The Beer Geek Weekender.

The prices for these tickets are:

  • Opening Session - Friday - 11:30am - 4:30pm - £57.50 + £4.50 booking fee
  • Opening Night - Friday - 6pm - 11pm - £57.50 + £4.50 booking fee
  • Saturday Social - Saturday - 11:30am - 4:30pm - £57.50 + £4.50 booking fee
  • Big Night Out - Saturday - 6pm - 11pm - £57.50 + £4.50 booking fee
  • The Beer Geek Weekender - ALL SESSIONS - £180 + £13 booking fee 

What does your ticket include?

Some may think the tickets are a little on the steeper side, but your ticket is your best friend for the weekend, allowing you to sample many different drinks.

On the official website, it says: “Your ticket gets you entry to the session you select and the opportunity to try any beer; that’s right, you’re free to choose and explore hundreds of very special beers. A ticket also gets you a festival glass, access to the pop-up kitchens, cider, wine, spirits and no-alc bars and lots of top music acts”

Food and merchandise will unfortunately cost you more as they’re not included in the ticket price.

What breweries will be present?

  •  40 FT
  •   ABYSS
  •   Alefarm
  •   Amundsen Pastry World
  •   Anspach & Hobday
  •   Attic Brew Co.
  •   Azvex Brewing (Raise the Bar winners)
  •   Baron Brewing (Raise the Bar winners)
  •   Barrier (NYC Showcase)
  •   Basqueland Brewing Project
  •   Beak Brewery
  •   Beer Merchants
  •   Big Drop
  •   Big Smoke Brew Co
  •   BOXCAR
  •   Braybrooke Beer Co.
  •   Brew By Numbers
  •   Brew York
  •   Brick Brewery
  •   Brixton Brewery
  •   Budvar
  •   Bullhouse
  •   Burning Sky
  •   Burnt Mill
  •   By the Horns
  •   Cannabrew
  •   Chouffe
  •   Cyclic Beer Farm
  •   Dark Star
  •   Dig Brew Co
  •   DEYA
  •   Double-Barrelled
  •   Drop Project (Raise the Bar winners)
  •   Duration Brewing
  •   Duvel
  •   Eko Brewery
  •   Equilibrium (NYC Showcase)
  •   Fierce Beer
  •   Finback
  •   Five Points
  •   Frontaal
  •   Garden Brewery
  •   Gipsy Hill Brewing Company
  •   Glasshouse
  •   GRIMM (NYC Showcase)
  •   Haacht Brewery
  •   Hackney Church Brew Co.
  •   Hackney Brewery
  •   Howling Hops
  •   Jiddler’s Tipple
  •   Jubel
  •   KCBC (NYC Showcase)
  •   The Kernel
  •   Lervig
  •   London Beer Factory
  •   London Brewers’ Alliance
  •   Lost & Grounded
  •   Low Key Barrel Project
  •   Mondo Brewing Co
  •   Moonwake
  •   Neon Raptor
  •   Newbarns
  •   New Bristol
  •   Newtown Park
  •   New Zealand Beer Collective
  •   North Brewing Co.
  •   Northern Monk Brew Co
  •   Orbit Beers
  •   Partizan
  •   Pastore Brewing
  •   Pillars
  •   Poesiat & Kater
  •   Pohjala
  •   Pomona Island Brew Co.
  •   Pressure Drop
  •   Queer Brewing
  •   Salcombe
  •   Salt Beer Factory
  •   Signature Brew
  •   Siren Craft Brew
  •   Stigbergets
  •   Stone & Wood
  •   Timothy Taylor’s
  •   Turning Point
  •   Unbarred Brewery
  •   Vault City
  •   Thin Man (NYC Showcase)
  •   Tiny Rebel
  •   Track
  •   Twisted Wheel (Raise the Bar winners)
  •   Two Tribes Brewing
  •   Verdant Brewing
  •   Vocation Brewery
  •   Weird Beard
  •   Whiplash
  •   Wild Beer Co.
  •   Wild Card
  •   Wiper and True
  •   Yonder Brewing & Blending
  •   360°