9 of the cheapest Wetherspoons in Central London for a pint of Carling

Where Londoners can find a cheap Wetherspoons tipple in central.

While finding a cheap pint in the capital can sometimes feel impossible, here are a few Wetherspoons spots in the centre of the city that offer a tipple for around a fiver.

Having built a reputation for its low prices across the country, those visiting London may be inclined to head to a Wetherspoons to keep drink costs low on a night out. In total the capital is home to almost 100 Wetherspoons with many of the pub chain's locations also based in the inner city. 

The average cost of a pint in London is said to be around £5.90 according to Finder, however those visiting the city can get a pint of Carling for less than a fiver at a few of Wetherspoons’ central London pubs.

We break down where Londoners can get the cheapest Wetherspoons pints within the inner city.