Boxer Izzadeen Malik El-Amin returns to the ring in Mexico

Ready to return to the ring – young UK boxer squares up for his next fight.Ready to return to the ring – young UK boxer squares up for his next fight.
Ready to return to the ring – young UK boxer squares up for his next fight.
Advertisement Feature: Izzadeen Malik El-Amin will be returning to the ring after a lay off due to an ankle injury and going through some trials.

Now he is back and ready for action, and by the time he fights he will have had a year out of the ring.

After winning his last few fights in Mexico and Colombia he is on a first round knockout streak and plans to continue with KOs, while relishing the experience of every round.

Izzadeen said: “May this year marks my two years as a pro and it's time to stay active; I would have fought last year but other issues and this injury set me back. I believe I'm at the final stages of recovery; it hasn't been easy not training for the past few months, it's like when people are working day in and out.

Young boxer fights back after tough year to take on next challenge.Young boxer fights back after tough year to take on next challenge.
Young boxer fights back after tough year to take on next challenge.

“There’s been a lot of stress from life in general and for some people on the weekend they turn to alcohol to get away from the realities of life. For me that’s not the right thing to turn to, for me it is boxing, that escape to let out the frustration and traumas that has been there since a young child.”

Reflecting on his time out of the gym, his faith helped him through.

“I couldn't train at all, it was a time for me to be patient and make my faith stronger. As a Muslim, Allah’s (God’s) plan is much greater, this had to happen it’s part of it. It could have been worse, I had time to rest and work on my flaws whilst being injured. But I have to make up for lost time.”

He says his next fight will be dedicated to the Uyghurs, Muslims around the world fighting battles and problems of their own, and if you follow him on social media you can hear his views on the situation.

Looking ahead to the fight, the date of which is not yet agreed, Izzadeen reflects on his progress: “It continues, the kid who was supposed to be another statistic, gets stronger and we are hoping that my next fight in Mexico will take place in April, and will be a first round knockout like my last four fights.”


“Let’s wait see how it plays out. I will continue to go overseas, one man aloneand fight without a coach. People ask me, how do you do it, I wasn’t led this far alone, just because a person isn't with me, doesn't mean I'm alone.

“Thanks to those who are still here, the circle is always small for a reason in this journey in life after some false promises. Finding the right person to guide your career is important. I’m self-managed, I’m wary of who is going to promote or manage me, there isn’t no big team, just me as a fighter, so hopefully I won’t be let down.”

Faith and supportIzzadeen looks to extend his record to 6-0 with five knockouts, but added: “Time flies by, it's going to be a whole year since been in the ring; can’t believe it, but I’m grateful I’m still here, alive and healthy to talk to you about my return. Every day isn't the best day, but God gives us another opportunity to do better that's all we can do.

“If you are going through trials, speak to your close ones, keeping it in just makes things worse. There is always the creator, always willing to listen. Thank you for the support and prayers.”

Next fight

“It won't be enough to beat me; but it’s boxing so anything can happen, one punch can change it all or end it all, but I will be ready, looking to have a longer training camp. For my last few fights I didn't have much time to prepare but still had good performances.

“My opponent better be ready, his chin will be tested early so let's see if he can take the power of Izzadeen or will he be like my previous opponents? Tune in to find out, the fight will be live streamed and also televised in Mexico but those in the UK you can follow me on my socials for the date announcement and inquiries.”

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