13 famous QPR supporters ranked by net worth after Michael Gove in Loftus Road trouble

QPR have a number of recognisable famous that follow the club through highs and lows.

Michael Gove found himself in hot water this week having breached Commons rules by failing to register hospitality at QPR stadium Loftus Road for three football matches on time.

Mr Gove's mistake made headlines as he was let off for the 'minor' mistake without punishment. The MP attended a QPR game with Conservative donor David Meller in August 2021 and did not register the tickets as they enjoyed the box of club chairman Amit Bhatia. The tickets are not normally put on sale but were valued by QPR at £460, £542, and £460 plus VAT for each pair of tickets.

The Conservative MP may not be the most popular famous Rs supporter and there are some from music and TV who are viewed as more iconic by fans. LondonWorld looks at 13 famous QPR fans, ranked by net worth.

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