Premier League net transfer spend league table for past five seasons including Arsenal, Chelsea & Tottenham

West Ham, Crystal Palace, Brentford and Watford also feature as we rank all 20 clubs from most profitable to least based on their transfer business from the 2017/18 season till now.

The 2021/22 Premier League season is officially over and it’s time once again for clubs to turn their attention to the summer transfer window - which opens next month.

While some clubs have over performed against a modest net spend, others have splashed the cash and perhaps not seen the results they would have hoped for.

Two of the current 20 clubs (which still includes Norwich City, Watford and Burnley who will play in the EFL Championship next season following their relegations) have actually made a net profit over the past five seasons.

However, the other 18 are firmly in the red with their income far outweighing their outgoings.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are amongst the highest net spenders in the league while West Ham United were much further down the table despite their impressive form this season.

Watford and Crystal Palace could probably be considered par for the course based on their own figures while Brentford have done exceptionally well.

As for the rest of the teams away from the capital city, it’ the two Manchester clubs who top this table while Liverpool find themselves quite a bit lower down than you might expect.

Here are all 20 Premier League clubs ranked by their net spend over the past five seasons (according to statistis from Transfermarkt), from most profitable to least:

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