Crystal Palace’s English co-chairman Steve Parish is seen in the crowd during the English Premier League (Photo credit should read GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

How the wealth of Crystal Palace’s owners compare to Brighton, West Ham, Brentford and others

The Crystal Palace chairman has more money than most would think, but how does he compare with other owners?

It feels like every season the challenge to stay in the league gets tougher, with new injections of cash from businessmen across the world, and next season won’t be any different.

The TV money is good back-up cash but all Premier League clubs have mighty owners who supplement and support when the going gets tough, and Palace is no different to any of the 19 other clubs.

Newcastle United have wrestled the tag as the richest club in the league from Manchester City.

The difference between finishing high or low in the Premier League is made clear by how wealthy your owner is and which superstars you’ve invested in.

Then there is the clamour for big money signings from fans who don’t want to left behind, the excitement and burden a new season brings which is defined by the transfer window.

Crystal Palace’s chairman Steve Parish, is one of four owners of the Eagles, alongside Joshua Harris, David Blitzer and John Textor.

So with Palace expected to make some signings in the coming months and try to climb even higher in the Premier League, here is how Parish compares to other Premier League owners.

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