Pat Nevin makes ‘best ever’ claim about Chelsea player and names teammate he’s ‘beginning to hate’

The Brazilian has made quite the impression on the ex-Stamford Bridge winger.

Former Chelsea star Pat Nevin has claimed that current Blues defender Thiago Silva is the “best centre-back that he has ever seen in the Premier League”.

Since arriving in West London, the 37-year-old has established himself as a key member of Thomas Tuchel’s side, and played an instrumental role in last season’s Champions League triumph.

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In some respects, this term has proven to be a more challenging affair for Chelsea, but with a top four finish looking relatively assured and the possibility of FA Cup success still on the cards, Nevin has been reflecting on the players he believes have made a significant contribution at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking to Lord Ping, the Glaswegian pundit said: “Mason Mount this year has been absolutely brilliant. Really superb. But there are two players in that team who have been, for me, off the scale.

“Number one is Thiago Silva. I think he’s the best centre-back that I have ever seen in the Premier League, and that is a big call. Now, I’m not saying he’s the best player to ever play in that position defensively, but as a footballer; on the ball, covering, reading and understanding the game, I’ve never seen better. He is fabulous.

“I knew he was a good player before he came to Chelsea but when you watch him week in, week out, my goodness, what must he have been like seven or eight years ago. His age seems to have no effect on the way he seems to have played this season.”

He added: “He has been joyous and I urge anyone to watch him play football. For example every time the ball comes to his head, just watch. He’s not like other players, every time he heads the ball it’s a pass, and it’s a great pass. He never just heads the ball away.

“He controls the game from the back, the way Jorginho used to do before he came in, and he’s doing that from the defensive line and honestly, I could go on forever, I sound like a fan-boy but he is absolutely fantastic.”

Nevin also reserved high praise for German midfielder Kai Havertz, even going as far as to joke that he’s jealous of how naturally talented the 22-year-old is.

He said: “Another one, Kai Havertz, can be taken for granted a wee bit by some. Just consider, he scored the winning goal in the Champions League final, he scored the winning goal in the World Club Final and he’s only a kid. He has got the elegance and the brilliance that Ballack had but maybe even more so.

“I won’t be surprised if this lad goes on and scores the winner in a World Cup final, he’s one of those people who’s blessed with everything and he’s even an elegant player too. In fact, I’m beginning to hate him, he’s got everything!

“He is a fabulous player and I do urge anyone, if you’re a Chelsea fan or not, to watch the elegance of this player, he is a joy to watch and he’s going to be one of the best players around over the next decade.”