Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal come together in 'major milestone' moment for London football

Every Premier League club in London has pledged its commitment to the Women's Night Safety Charter.
Chelsea and rivals are all behind the campaign (Image: Getty Images)Chelsea and rivals are all behind the campaign (Image: Getty Images)
Chelsea and rivals are all behind the campaign (Image: Getty Images)

Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs have joined other London clubs in backing a Women's Night Safety Charter spearheaded by the Mayor of London.

The scheme looks to make venues safer and help tackle violence against women and girls that can be even more prominent when the sun goes down. All Premier League clubs in London have pledged their commitment to the project.

Brentford, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Fulham join Chelse,a Arsenal and Spurs in signing up for the campaign, which the Mayor of London's office has hailed as a 'major milestone' for the campaign. Championship club Millwall have also signed up and it is hoped that more outfits from across sporting domains follow suit.

The Premier League clubs are set to receive support to improve the safety of women, train staff to support vulnerable customers, take part in communication campaigns, encourage the reporting of offences and involve women in the design of new programmes to tackle harassment.

The seven Premier League clubs in the capital join 2,136 organisations to sign up to the Charter. Barbara Charone who is on the Board of Directors for both Chelsea FC and it’s Foundation said, “Chelsea FC is proud to play an important role in our community. The signing of the Women’s Night Safety Charter is another way we can ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everybody. We support the Mayor of London in making our city a place where all women of all ages and girls feel confident at night, including at our football ground.”

Sadiq Khan has praised the football clubs. (Image: Getty Images)Sadiq Khan has praised the football clubs. (Image: Getty Images)
Sadiq Khan has praised the football clubs. (Image: Getty Images)

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan added his praise for the football clubs who have signed up to the programme and noted their 'brilliant example' in ensuring misogyny and violence is stamped out of the sport. Mr Khan said: “I’m thrilled that all London’s Premier League football clubs have signed up to my Women’s Night Safety Charter. It is a major milestone for the campaign.

“They are setting a brilliant example for their fans and staff that misogyny and violence against women and girls won’t be tolerated. We all have a role to play in making London safer and more welcoming for women and girls, and this includes our world-class stadiums and entertainment venues. I hope this encourages other businesses and organisations, no matter how big or small, to sign up and help build a safer London for everyone.”