Every VAR decision in Premier League history tallied: How Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham compare to Man Utd and rivals

A look at the VAR decisions since 2019 to see how Arsenal, Chelsea, Totteham and their rivals have been impacted by the technology.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham have all had their fair share of experiences with VAR since the introduction of the technology in 2019. The officiating aid was brought in ahead of the 2019/20 season, and it was brought in with the aim of removing controversies from the game.

It has arguably done the opposite, with VAR dominating headlines most weekend due to either errors or subjective decisions that many disagree with. As the controversy rumbles on, we have counted up all the VAR-aided decisions for and against every Premier League club since the introduction of the technology to figure out the net benefit - or otherwise - for each club.

Join us below to see who has benefited from VAR the most. Just keep in mind that 'neutral' decisions relate to instances where neither team gained a significant advantage from the reviewed decision.