The behind the scenes video of how Mikel Arteta turned things around at Arsenal

The incredibly video from Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing documentary on Arsenal shows how Mikel Arteta left his squad speechless with powerful words.

This season is one that will tell us how great Mikel Arteta is as manager of Arsenal, after being backed by the board with the signings of Fabio Vieira, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus.

But he has already been such a big influence at the club, and the fact that the Gunners challenged for the top four last season, at a time when no one gave them chance, shows how respected the Spanish manager is by his players.

After the humiliating defeat at Manchester City, Mikel Arteta gathered all players to explain to them where he has insecurities and fears about his job.

The club had just been battered 5-0 by Premier League champions, Arsenal’s third loss in a row which made it their worst ever league start.

Mikel Arteta telling his story about a heart condition during the Arsenal All or Nothing documentary. Credit: Amazon Prime

The knives were out for Arteta, but he responded with an incredible speech which turned Arsenal’s season around.

This was captured by Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing documentary on the club.

The Spaniard thanked his players for the support during the difficult period, and assured them that the last thing he wanted to do is blame them for the difficulties at the club.

He also revealed that he had a heart condition from when he was born, which meant he struggled to pump clean blood around his body.

The 40-year-old manager said: “When I was born I was born with a big heart disease and for two years they had to continue trying to save my life till I had the opportunity to do an open heart surgery in Spain.

“For any high performance team not only a football team or a basketball team but it can also be an emergency team like the one that they work in hospitals.

“This team has to be surrounded by people that are very special and they are willing to work for each other and work 24/7 and they do that because they love what they do.”

Arteta began drawing a graph on the board to show his players his passion.

“I’m going to share something with you, this is me, this is my emotional status, one to 10,” he explained.

“Post Man City I was dead, low,” Arteta told his players, drawing a point below the graph.

“I had fear, I had insecurity and I had the media are always killing me.”

Mikel Arteta’s happiness graph. Credit: Amazon Prime

Arteta then moved the point to high up on the graph, and explained: “Suddenly I have only positives.

“I have an incredible family, my wife and three kids and another one the club always supports me.

“But the people that moved me from here to there are you , the players. This week I have found the purpose of why I want to be a coach.

“So all I have to say to you guys is that thank you to all of you because you made this possible.

“In a difficult moment you turned it into the best week of my football career, believe in yourself because I do and the last thing I want to do as a coach is blame any of you in a difficult moment.”

After this speech, Arsenal went on a 10-game undefeated run, which included a comprehensive demolition of Tottenham at the Emirates.