7 Arsenal famous fans gallery in net worth order including Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Kaluuya

Here’s some of Arsenal’s most famous supporters, along with their respective net worths.

Arsenal boasts plenty of famous supporters. Being one of the biggest football clubs in the world, they have a global fanbase with a smattering of celebrities amongst them.

We’ll be looking at seven of them today, along with their net worth. All net worths in this list have been taken from Celebrity Net Worth.

We aren’t necessarily looking at Arsenal’s richest supporters here. We’ll simply be taking a look at celebrities who support Arsenal and their estimated net value.

There’s some very famous names on this list, from a variety of different backgrounds. Among them are F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry. But who came out on top in this battle of the bank accounts?

Did we miss anyone out? Who would you like to see featured on this list? Without any further ado, let’s take a look at seven of Arsenal’s richest celebrity supporters.